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3 Years Later…

I don't even Know where to began except to say - HI! I have been writing solely on for 3 Years and a few weeks ago - Something kicked in. I believe that everything that is meant to be IS meant to be. Does that make sense? I hope so!!!! I had this big… Continue reading 3 Years Later…

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Bloom Bloom Bloom!

I have officially become a flower maniac  Officially. There is No going back now. Absolutely Not.  I will be doing a whole series of Flowers Very soon.  Until then, You can find me on my other site  My beauty Blog - having fun!!!!!! I will be Blogging from there -about beauty- products and so much more… Continue reading Bloom Bloom Bloom!

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Bringing on Spring

My beautiful friend from France painted my Chihuahua yesterday- OMG - I just Love her sketches - Cha has a heart of Gold.  Here he is! And You can Visit her on Her Facebook page and her website  For More.  I made her something - because (kindness is like a boomerang) It travels ..... This… Continue reading Bringing on Spring

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C is For Circle – A poetic Collaboration – Christy Birmingham and Cat Forsley

Happy Sunday ..... !  i have never done a poetic collaboration before  - Christy Birmingham and I have been talking about doing this for about a week Now - Beautiful To Write together - Very Fluid - Very Candid and Childlike .. She is a Great writer and Heart - and This was so much… Continue reading C is For Circle – A poetic Collaboration – Christy Birmingham and Cat Forsley

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Being Your Own Boss …. Cat Forsley

Being Your own boss ........ Um - a Big Yes To This ......... I Have always been Fiercely Independent  Heart Wise -Idea wise  And It's amazing what Spring Does ..... All The Awesome ideas  That I had maybe 3 years ago - are surfacing and coming True ..... Cool ......... Very cool  I write everything… Continue reading Being Your Own Boss …. Cat Forsley

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Happy Easter From FooFoo & I – Cat Forsley –

Happy Easter !!!!!!! This is FooFoo 🙂 He sings back ups for The Foo Fighters 😉  When They need Him ....... Totally a Rock and Roll Bunny 🙂 My Instrumentals are Now being Licensed 🙂 yay  Through ! My Buddy Ashton Price - The Producer I am collaborating with  Is helping me with all that stuff … Continue reading Happy Easter From FooFoo & I – Cat Forsley –