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3 Years Later…

I don’t even Know where to began except to say – HI!

I have been writing solely on for 3 Years and a few weeks ago – Something kicked in. I believe that everything that is meant to be IS meant to be. Does that make sense? I hope so!!!!

I had this big renewal feeling where I thought-

Hello why am I not publishing on this site.


Life shows us things when we are ready and I have always believed this. After 3 years of writing on my everything is Beautiful blog – I feel a very strong desire to publish from HERE. Where it started.

Integration is the key word here and so I am so excited to share prose, art and short stories Like I used to. Why did I stop here? There is no reason but to say that became my focus.

Fast forward 3 years and I am Open to a whole new journey HERE. On this site.

Graitude in Full Bloom
Gratitude in Full Bloom

My heart is Abloom and flowering in the most exciting of ways.


And I am Here To Grow.

This is 3 Years Old

But Still Poignant enough to Share

I will be recording spoken word on SoundCloud and Hope You’ll Join me on this kinda new but full circle Journey!!!!!!

Digital art – Spoken word- All things beauty of the soul Live here !

So much Has Happened and I just Cannot wait to share everything




All Love


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  1. Hey Cat willow here, Girl have I missed you 💜 I loved underneath’ it used to be on video at my gym here in the UK and I used to say to everyone I know Cat 😀😀😀 My blog has grown too like me , my soul has grown. Welcome home hugs 💜💜💜💜

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