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Twin Me – A Fairytale 💫

Hi Guys

It’s still Spring here for a few days in Canada so Happy Spring! This website has been Quiet …. I have not ! haha

I write about beauty on consistently and have done so since 2015!

This is my art and poetry site and i am so happy to introduce you to my newest book- Twin Me.

Last Year in the Summer of 2021 i published Adoration Nation – Fragments from Utopia

I still like it but if you know me I need to constantly create.

I do it for myself as it brings me immense joy and I will never stop!

Adoration Nation is darker viscerally.

Twin Me is Innocence Found

Twin Me Cat Forsley ©


Here is a tiny excerpt

The World needs so much light right now and expressing light and love is one of my purposes.


Twin Me just Published Today and I hope that if you need to read some beauty and innocence – It finds You.

This is the amazing thing about Amazon Self Publishing, You never know where your words will travel to..


Sending you all well wishes for a new season of blooming


All love



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