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Adoration Nation – finally a new book!

It's been years and years since I published anything like this! I have been in the beauty world and still am. it's been an intense few years to say the least. I hope everyone is well Here is my newest  - Adoration Nation - Fragments from Utopia. It's been a long time coming and now… Continue reading Adoration Nation – finally a new book!

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One Beam of Light – Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day For My Dad - Robert Bolduc   All love Cat Twitter | IG | Pinterest | G+| Linkedin | Facebook | Tumblr | Polyvore

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The Only Magic I believe In …

I had some time to Paint and Play with another beautiful flower photo I took Last summer - No flowers here Yet. A quiet morning to reflect - Love it! - Time To reflect - important to me always - and a rare thing - I just want to Throw a heart boomerang out To… Continue reading The Only Magic I believe In …