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3 Years Later…

I don't even Know where to began except to say - HI! I have been writing solely on for 3 Years and a few weeks ago - Something kicked in. I believe that everything that is meant to be IS meant to be. Does that make sense? I hope so!!!! I had this big… Continue reading 3 Years Later…

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Bloom Bloom Bloom!

I have officially become a flower maniac  Officially. There is No going back now. Absolutely Not.  I will be doing a whole series of Flowers Very soon.  Until then, You can find me on my other site  My beauty Blog - having fun!!!!!! I will be Blogging from there -about beauty- products and so much more… Continue reading Bloom Bloom Bloom!

Artwork, AS THE CITY RUMBLES UNDERNEATH, beauty, Blog, Cat Forsley, Music,, video and a new video for As The City Rumbles Underneath So We Shot a Live version of Under The Sun last night - That's our band mascot - My Chihuahua Tofu Pretty Cute Huh - I Love Him . Just a bit ! The new video should be up in a little while . On Our Channel .      Editing time Now !… Continue reading and a new video for As The City Rumbles Underneath