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2015 and all the Marvels It will Bring

2014 has totally left the Building

Looking back – It was a fabulous year of Creativity, New Heart Connections and Beauty in all aspects of Life .

This Year feels More Sumptuous , More Passionate and Definitely Like It’s Going to be A Gorgeous Wild Ride . 

I am More Than Up for It .

On Creative levels : which are Always very Important For Me- There is so Much Productivity and Manifesting Going On . 

My band’s New EP “Prophecies”  Comes out shortly, and I Believe it is Our best work . 

"Prophecies " As The City Rumbles Underneath  Art By Cat Forsley
“Prophecies ” As The City Rumbles Underneath
Art By Cat Forsley

 Here is The art work . 

You Can Follow As The City Rumbles Underneath  On Youtube

&  Twitter to see what’s Up .



I am Also Looking Forward To Licensing More of My art 

Digital Art has become such an integral Part Of My Life .  

Fission Cat Forsley ©
Fission Cat Forsley ©

Also creating Videos for others ……….Oh my Goodness It’s Fun ……….

I’m a Multimedia Woman – I love it all … Truly- Madly – Deeply . 

As Well….

On Friday January 16th , 8pm EST You will be able to hear Her Sacred Kiss Our first Podcast. 

I have recorded it and It’s tucked away very beautifully until then. 

Also Very passionate about Our Podcast – It feels so Good .

This is something Jacqueline L. Robinson  Joss Burnel and Myself envisioned  in Atlanta, whilst I was there. 

Beautiful conversations That will definitely move many a heart . 

what else ?

A Lot More ..

There is never a dull day in my life . 

never . 

More Travel 

More Photo shoots 

More Love and sharing it 

More Cat Time 

More Poetry 

More Opening 

More Of Everything That I love 

And I love Life with a Passion That Overflows 

Every Single Day 

Happy New Year 

To You and Yours.

All Love , 

Cat Forsley