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More And More

just Luscious
just Luscious

Seemingly the word of the year – so far is LAUNCH …

It’s a Luscious delicious word full of magic and creation.

Her Sacred Kiss – launched Friday the 9th and it was so very Lovely…

The turn out and give aways were magnificent , thank You to those whom attended .

A new Episode will be up on iTunes each Friday .


Now – This week My band is LAUNCHING our new ep / album entitled “Prophecies”.

I believe the most beautiful music I have ever co/ written .

We are doing a build up launch

So much fun –

You can check it out on Facebook , on our page .

I’m Not going to tell you what’s going to be happening – In our launch .

We are Keeping it very spontaneous.

I am Planning a Video . our first one of the Year .

I have got the look down to a T , and it’s to This beautiful song of ours .

It’s Going To be black and white and inspired by the great film

Shanghai Express 

Marlene Dietrich  Shanghai Express
Marlene Dietrich
Shanghai Express

I absolutely love her mystery . Her Veils and Her Whole vibe .

So As We Slow Launch our new album – 

Join Ashton Price and myself 

On Twitter and Facebook 

As We release our beautiful music …………… 

To another magical week 

Overflowing with Creativity 

and Magic

All Love 


Cat Forsley 




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