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Last Post for 2014 …. Happy Holidays To All !

Cat Forsley
Cat Forsley

Ashton and I are finishing our latest As the City Rumbles Underneath EP and we had an idea of doing some beautiful backing music with some of my poetry over top of it. Ashton created some music for me to write over and I was inspired to write my new poem, “Human”. After hearing the unfinished results I thought it would be a great way to finish off the year by posting a rough version for you all to hear. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays 

and See You In 2015 !

-All Love-

Cat Forsley 

24 thoughts on “Last Post for 2014 …. Happy Holidays To All !”

  1. Happy Crimble, Cat and Ashley! It’s been a great year for you both, let’s hope 2015 is an even better one 🙂 … Sending you lots of Christmas Angels and brightest blessings for the returning light … Tally 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Beautiful poetry and music – a great combination, just like you and Ashton are……I wish you both a most happy holiday and continued success in the new year. You certainly deserve all that and more………and more……..

    Love, Pam and Sammy

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