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What a Week Of Lovely surprises !!!!

What a week you guys ! So Grateful ...... Thank You for all the wonderful review of 100 Days Of Love  From Across The Globe = wow ....UK , Canada (home) and The States ......so far 😉 another WOW. Now I am exhausted .. Good exhausted ..... Here is One more beautiful review from Pamela… Continue reading What a Week Of Lovely surprises !!!!

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Interview with Cat Forsley, Author of 100 Days of Love

Wow Universe …..Hello 🙂 More Beauty and Gratitude !!!!!!!! In absolute Awe of everything today – well everyday – (In Truth) …..

(Today) Well  There is something so different about today ………
Thank You To Christy Birmingham , poet and author – if you click the link you can see her wonderful book !!!!!!!!

Thank You for this wonderful interview …………..

Immense Gratitude …
Cat Forsley

Poetic Parfait

This book, this book, I’m excited to talk about this audiobook!

100 Days of Love is a beautiful compilation of spoken poetry, by Cat Forsley. Can you say, “A breath of fresh air”? I can, do, love it!

I recently won a copy of this book (how cool!) and could not wait to interview Cat about her audiobook. It is 40 minutes of beautiful poetry. I played it on my computer and enjoyed this soothing collection of romance; it focuses on sweet ties between one man and one woman. I felt my soul elevate as I enjoyed the artistic words.

Of course, what else would I expect but beautiful words and enchanting voice from talented Toronto-based musician Cat Forsley? If you don’t follow her work, she is the lead singer in the band  As The City Rumbles Underneath. Now that the introductions are complete…

Here is my Interview with…

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Misaki & The Three Moggies & It’s Getting Close To Christmas and ……… xo Cat

Misaki In all her Beauty !  Can You tell I Like Guitar again !  My Three Moggies - 3 little UK Cats - That really melt my heart  Always a Pleasure To Create for animal friends ! I'm Hoping To record a few more before Christmas - !!!!!!! Stuart Young - did a lovely interview… Continue reading Misaki & The Three Moggies & It’s Getting Close To Christmas and ……… xo Cat