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Misaki & The Three Moggies & It’s Getting Close To Christmas and ……… xo Cat


In all her Beauty ! 

Can You tell I Like Guitar again ! 

My Three Moggies – 3 little UK Cats – That really melt my heart 

Always a Pleasure To Create for animal friends !

I’m Hoping To record a few more before Christmas – !!!!!!!

Stuart Young – did a lovely interview on me – so nice of Him – i call Him (Stu Bro) !

You can read it here on his site ……..He’s written a FAB book ……….

I truly love it …….

I’m In The Studio on Tuesday – To record a second Track 

the first one is here …..

Thank You To those whom have listened and bought my first song 

means  a lot ……

Is it Me – or is time moving Faster ? 

It’s already Dark Out and it’s only 5 pm …..

I won’t be around my site for a few days –

After Today 

I have Way Too much To do ……. still ……

Thank Goodness for Yoga …..

or I would be one uber Tired Cat – lol

Wishing You all a wonderful week ahead ……

Love xx

Cat Forsley 

A Little Holiday Card For All love xx Cat Forsley
A Little Holiday Card For All
love xx Cat Forsley

And – a Little Card for ALL !


52 thoughts on “Misaki & The Three Moggies & It’s Getting Close To Christmas and ……… xo Cat”

  1. I enjoyed learning a bit about you from the interview. The snippet of music of yours is dreamy — more more! Good luck Cat! Look forward to more of what you do…


  2. Caaat!! 🙂 Lovely post as always.
    I’m sorry I forgot to reply earlier but now I’m here: congrats on your new project!!! I’m so proud of you. As the City Rumbles Underneath 😀
    Just listened to Said and Done! I really love it!!! It reminds me of Garbage. Bravo, bravo!!! 😀
    Big hugs, Canadian sis’! 🙂


    1. Cha ! ma petite soeur !
      I’m proud of You Toooooooooooo
      and ps- take the card so You can teleport 🙂 lololol
      Like i do every day x
      Love u


  3. Nice vid, beautiful Misaki. 🙂 I must get Em to buy your song – I’ve never bought from iTunes and don’t know how!!!! Techno dunce from the UK. :-/


    1. Love you Stu Bro ………
      Thank You for the opportunity to speak my heart xxx
      As if you;re a dunce ? Geesh ….More British Humour > ????????
      Misaki is Lovely Huh 🙂
      !!!!!!!!!!! and the three moggies – love them 🙂 🙂 🙂
      it’s been a great productive weekend 🙂
      Thanks again xx
      🙂 🙂 🙂
      Can sis 🙂


    1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww
      u with the music 🙂
      Thank u xoxoxoxoxo
      it must be late over there huh ? xx
      un gros dodo pour cha ??????
      🙂 🙂 🙂 xxx
      get lots of good rest xx
      C xx


  4. CAT!!!!!!!
    Just read the interview – v cool, congrats fascinating Lady – so imagine my WOAH factor when I read that you used to live in HK – uh, yeah, me too – natch!
    HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!
    I am coming to visit Toronto over the holidays – what do you say to a little yoga session & a nonfat latte.


    1. WHAT WHAT WHAT > no way …………
      and u live in Boston now >>>> No way ????
      amazing ……………………..??????????/
      of course to lattes and yoga anytime ….
      leaving for ottawa to see my parents on Christmas day ………… staying maybe 3 or 4 days …….not sure yet …..
      HOLY COW is right …….ayayayayayayayaya
      soooo coool xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxxo
      C xxx


  5. toutes mes felicitations cat toute cette energie et cette ambition en vous te donneras plus d’espoir pour un avenir brillant chanter ecrire composer c’est merveilleux j’avoue que tu me donne le courage de continuer mon chemin dans le monde des auteurs


  6. Nice Cat, love the vids and Music…. sounds like you one busy girl… Me too only one day off work this week and Im Granny sitting all day ..
    Wishing you a Wonderful Week in the Studio .. Big Hugs to you Lots of Love Sue xoxox


      1. All are well Cat, busy with working and trying to cram alot into this evening here on the PC… as I will not get alot of time for rest of this week… as working most days …. and weekend… Sending you the Biggests of Hugs my friend xoxoxox


          and boomeranged xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo
          right at you = !
          love xxx and it’s rush rush time xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
          beautiful pinky orange sunset here xx
          lots of GLOW to you xoxoxo


  7. Oh Cat! I’m so sorry it took me till now to finally get to this post. Wow! you really out-did yourself. the videos are so adorable! Your good at this!
    Love you, Pumpkin!


    1. Hiya my sweet – it has just gone on itunes as of this morning 🙂 !!!! yay 🙂 I’ve made a little widget on the left 🙂
      finally 🙂 it was like 20% of the time creating and producing the song and 80% of time – putting it up and processing stuff xxx 🙂 Love xxx
      and I saw your pics of NYC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      amazing – and i hope you had a great time …….
      2 weeks til Christmas and it’s absolute rush around time …………….xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  8. Nice videos and music. What would we do without cats and dogs?

    Time always speeds up at Christmas due to the gravitational pull of the Christmas star.


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