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Serenity ✨

Serenity - Cat Forsley © Written for my Mother -Suzanne Bolduc -- Remember to Remember what's important and forget the things that drop by the wayside You are - In all truth a piece of Peace Moment by Moment Stay There In this Serenity Suspended between breaths, between nanoseconds Your heart races with your busy… Continue reading Serenity ✨

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-Little Heart Planet – Cat Forsley

Little Heart Planet You Move within my heart I've searched for all I can within You Never Without . I've Found Semblance and Congruence Finally. The Heart Of me Bursts with Joy In all ways  for all ways The colour of You Carries me The sound of You Bedazzles me The Touch of You Like… Continue reading -Little Heart Planet – Cat Forsley

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Love’s Desire – Cat Forsley –

Love's Desire Cat Forsley ------- The elements moved within  all at once  stirring the soul  To Carry More  Than it had before  A View From The Inside Out  The forever need to belong to myself  and No one else  dropped  languidly  a slow tear  a drop of red  from the heart  Engulfed in One emotion … Continue reading Love’s Desire – Cat Forsley –