Pour it Out๐Ÿ’ง

Life begins again and again with each new breath The surreal start- over and over again Jolts you like spark at your fingertips Do You see Your energy? It's there - I promise You All the beauty exists in the frequencies and vibrations of love you share. So Pour it out... What Happens when You … Continue reading Pour it Out๐Ÿ’ง


First Review of “Flowers from The Stars” & “Sanctuary ” Lyric video

Thursday ย when i got back from singing at the studio , boom out of the blue our first review ... So Lovely .... From The Daily Albumย  Flowers from the Stars by As the City Rumbles Underneath Posted byย seanย on 15 January 2014ย underย Pop Shoegazey electro pop that alternates between heavy, pounding beats and more delicate lullaby-ballads. … Continue reading First Review of “Flowers from The Stars” & “Sanctuary ” Lyric video

As The City Rumbles Underneath … Beginnings – Futures … and a Lake …..

Have a beautiful week You Guys - Simple Video about Ourย bandย  Fun Conversation and Questions Answeredย  And a Lakeย  And a Heatwaveย  and The beautiful process ofย  writingย  Listen for the new songย  "Hearts Expire " at the end of the Videoย  Cheers ! See You soonย  Cat Forsley !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inspiring Cats !

Happy Tuesday !!!!!!!!! Off To The studio today - again - to finish our third song and i just wanted to send out a little Love to some sweet animal friends I Asked each Pet owner to tell me - what their Cat was like - Personality All these people and their animals make a … Continue reading Inspiring Cats !