Playing with Roses (would love your feedback ) on my new logo

I am so done with Wings – what you can see as my background right here and my logos placed 

on my YouTube channel ,  Flickr , Twitter and even Facebook 

it’s time to bring some freshness in .

I’ve been revelling in Flowers – Roses – especially 

The Delicate nature and the strength as well. 

I would love your Feedback – as I have Created 3 new Options for my Logo .

Number 1. 

Inside the rose Cat Forsley ©
Inside the rose Cat Forsley ©

Number 2 .

Inside the rose cat forsley ©
Inside the rose cat forsley ©

and Number 3.

inside the rose cat forsley ©
inside the rose cat forsley ©

I’m done painting space and wings – way More interested in Earth Bound beauty Now . 

Let  me know which one speaks to you the most, in the comments below .

Very Open To different points of View. 

I will Decide by Tonight .

Thank You 

All Love xx

Cat Forsley 


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Cat Forsley

Hi! My name is Cat and i am immersed in all things Beauty! With a strong background in Music and all of the arts: I thrive on Beauty and am inspired and enthralled by it. I am a Mom and a full time blogger/ content creator From Style to Fragrance -Makeup- Skincare to wellness - I want to write about it! I host Beauty Podcast which you can listen to on all major podcast carriers pr/ business emails - Thanks Cat

26 thoughts on “Playing with Roses (would love your feedback ) on my new logo”

  1. Ahhhh. This looks so much more like you now. I like the second one because the detail design shows up more and it looks better to have the rose off center/ asymmetrical on the page. Not sure if the print signature should be moved more to the right/a bit bigger if it stays centered?
    Cool designs!

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    1. Thank You so much 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxx I love what You wrote – Looks like me now 😉
      I am absolutely fascinated with roses and their mysteries – deep within ………. 🙂
      Thank You so much for your opinion / view point ….
      Cat xxx


  2. Torn between first and last. Each perfect for different reasons [well, apart from both being gorgeous]. First is extremely elegant and well, I love two colored roses, what can I say! The last one is more…passiony [as you say], and of course stronger. While writing though, considering that this is to be used as a background image, maybe 1st one would be slightly preferable. What ever you choose though, it will be Cat 100%! Hugs 🙂 xx

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