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-Hearts Expire – Video is Uppp !!!

Our Video Is UPPP! wooooooooHoooooooo!

 Thanks To those who are sharing the video – as it came it out yesterday 

The response is really sweet!

I am really in my element – Video wise – It’s so much fun to act Music out .

Lots of great stuff coming up in the next few weeks – 

My Audio Book of Prose will be ready For iTunes 

and some new music very soon . 

To keep up with allllllllll The stuff 

You can like our Facebook Page 

or Morph Productions Page 

I celebrated Last Night …..

so I am going To sleep …………um Now …..:) 


See You soon 

and Thanks again !

Cat Forsley 

“Hearts Expire”As the City Rumbles Underneath


84 thoughts on “-Hearts Expire – Video is Uppp !!!”

  1. WOOOHOOOOO I have a famouz Aunty 🙂 Oh it waz fabulouz, juzt loved it 🙂 Wez already played it twize it’z such a catchy song.. Howling’z wiff delight’z.. Lub’z you’z and BIG congrat’z..XXXOOOXXXXOOOXXXOOOOXXXXOOOXXXXX

    Mollie and Alfie


  2. Quite a special video Cat…..I’ve watched it several times – so much to “get” from not just the song but the emotion in the video. Well done to all of you!


  3. Ah, Cat, excellent video. Congratulations to both of you [and all people involved to make this happen!]
    All the best sweetie! 🙂
    and happy October 1st!! A great great month ahead! 🙂


          1. CF;

            Back again to you to tell you that I have pinned some pictures on the Video (Dashboard: Friend Stuff & Art) .

            Check them in the link above:

            XOXO !!! And toast to you: Cheers!

            Aquileana 😉


            1. Thank You xxxx
              i just saw you direct message me on twitter xxx
              i have turned twitter off for the night 🙂
              Thanks soooo much
              soooooooooooooo sweeet xo C xo xo xo xo
              Cheeers xxx C


          2. I know, I can see it in your lovely smile 🙂
            You deserve this Cat and I am very pleased
            for you 🙂

            Andro xxxx


  4. Excellent work Cat!! Congratulations to you and all involved, awesome video – great sounds and beautiful choreography. All the best ~


    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!! cute comment 🙂 thanks 🙂
      the music world doesn’t work like that 🙂 lol
      But with a lot of determination and persistence – and Focus of course
      BRIGHT stuff ahead 🙂
      Thanks again
      Cat x


  5. Great Cat… At last we are watching the video, but waiting was worth it…
    I love it honey…. ♪♫♪♫♫
    And it is so Cat Forsley Experience (Ashton … hi are you there?. joke !)…
    Congrats on the shoting and on your cool main role here…

    •°˚ˆ*✿✰ƳΘƯ ℛΘℭƘ♪ •°˚ˆ*♥

    Many hugs to you!!!

    Aquileana 😉


    1. Hi You 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Thank You 🙂 No Ashton doesn’t write on my site 🙂 lol
      As The City Rumbles Underneath – it is ….:)
      It was really fun to be in and really looking forward to the future x
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      hugs to You toooo x


      1. Yes, okay, AP doesn´t write here 🙂 …

        I meant he is like an outsider… Well in fact you were about to brek up with him, isn´it?…
        Aha I understood it at the end (silly I am). …

        “Heart expire” (pretty good song title by the way).

        You look gorgeous there, but to tell you the truth your face without those eyelashes would be even more chic…

        Dear CF have a great day ahead & congrats once again .

        Hugs to You; Aquileana 🙂


        1. …………………… everyone can perceive things the way they want right > x
          🙂 🙂 🙂
          that’s all i am Gonna say 🙂
          🙂 xxx
          C xx thanks x


          1. Honey bee; (Worth noting: This is a brief speech, so be aware of it)!

            Perception is not always truthful… Thus senses can deceive us…
            As has happened to that french philosopher Descartes who didn’t know if he was seeing what he was dreaming or viceversa… That weird old guy!

            As Shakespeare said: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” (The Tempest).

            “At the end the essential is invisible to the eye”… As Saint Exupéry has well said through the little prince´s voice!

            So is the mystery of the human soul!!!.

            Keep on spinning & flowing; Petite Princesse Catherine! ˚ˆ*✿•˚ˆ*♥


            Aquileana 🙂


            1. Philosophy = YES i love it 🙂 🙂 🙂
              and Yes to Le Petit Prince 🙂 ❤
              i totally understand what you mean …:)
              This is why i am Into film so much these days –
              and i have storyboards in my head at all times 🙂 🙂 🙂
              wanting to adapt ideas to screen 🙂
              My heart is spinning = you are right 🙂
              There is so much to do right now xx
              is it a Dream ? Is it real ?
              Dreams are Real …..:)
              one for YOU 🙂
              have a beautiful Night xxx

              xo C


              1. Hi Cat…

                Great to know you are so inspired my friend… Wow that´s a real creative and spinning mind!!!.

                I loved that pin regarding to dreams… You are right dreams may become true … ★ ★ ★

                Thursday Hugs for you!

                Aquileana 😉


                  1. or maybe it doesn´t stop either then.. Creativity could flow like a river stream, you already know it !,

                    Love that pin: “Always dream and shoot higher than you can reach”…

                    So true, it is the right way to accomplish your goals, don´t you think?…

                    Just a rad question: If I shoot higher, do I get high at the same time ? 🙂 … •°˚ˆ*♥

                    Have a great weekend Cat & there is a new post on my blog (Martin Heidegger) so I´d love to see you there,.. if you want.. and when you can…

                    Saturday hugs for you! Aquileana 😉

                    Ps: Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ the chaotic butterfly says: “Hi there Cat”…


                    1. hi miss argentina xxx
                      yes creativity never ends – not even whilst sleeping 🙂 xxxx

                      If You shoot higher – 🙂 You will end up sitting on a cloud 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      ❤ Just a thought 🙂
                      i will start reading everything tomorrow 🙂
                      Sunday is a DAY off xxxx ❤
                      whatever That means 🙂 lol
                      ❤ ❤ ❤
                      have all the great posts and emails
                      tucked away for tomorrow xxx
                      Until then xxx

                      C xxx


                    2. Oh love your song choice, Honey…

                      “Nothing is gonna change my world”… Great lyrics too…

                      No rushes, chill out today and I´ll wait for you with toast & tea at the blog… 😉 …

                      “Sitting on a cloud”, that´s awe… imagine what a great view from above…

                      Yes, as DMB would said:
                      “Rest high above the clouds, no restriction… Remember?… “Satellite”… Oh!, such a great song, BTW; thanks for letting me know about this Band…

                      Sending you much love Cat & wishing you an awesome day !!! 😉

                      Aquileana ★ ★ ★


                    3. Hio Miss Argentina xxx i have had no time to read ANYTHING yet xxxxxx
                      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
                      mega busy xxx its a good thing but there are about 700 emails in my inbox ….
                      i am recording something tomorrow – so i have been practicing xxxx
                      ❤ ❤ ❤ LOVE X


                    4. No rushes nor problems, hon… Enjoy the productive busy state of mind, which is a sort mad roller coster but it is worth it… 😉
                      Sending you many hugs & well we keep in touch here then in the meanwhile…

                      Aquileana 🙂


                    5. Well then: better that way…

                      Sailing away, flowing, letting it be… Aha that´s “very CF”, (my dear peaceful warrior)…

                      Just hang on for the best to arrive, and believe me if I tell you it will:

                      Love to U; Aquileana 😉


                    6. always loved sailing xxxx ❤ ❤ ❤
                      one of my favourite "sports " xx lol
                      from when i lived in the states – near the ocean xxx
                      that's beautiful miss argentina
                      The shore is already here – 🙂 it is xxx
                      just enjoying its presence xxx
                      🙂 like this xxx

                      "on your shore " enya xxxx
                      LOVE LOVE LOVE XO


    1. Thanks Les …. ❤ heart wise – NO – (literal)
      ❤ Yeah – so great to have the video UPPPPPPPPPPPPP
      and yeah – really Looking forward to the future – so much good stuff ahead xxx 🙂


    1. ❤ Thank You beauty CB XXXX
      LOVE YOU TOO xxx

      leading with the heart as always xxx
      please let me know when your next book is coming 🙂
      C xo xo xo xo xo


  6. Love the video Catherine! It perfectly captures the emotion of the lyrics. Subtle and moving. 🙂


      1. Isn’t it awesome when it all clicks together. 🙂 You’ve put so much time and energy and emotion into your singing–it’s great to be here to see it pay off! 🙂


  7. WOW! whats the word Awesome! .. loved the video and without saying Ive always enjoyed your music… It has brought the lyrics to life….
    Sorry only just getting around to visit, not been on WP in a few days.. Mega Hugs sent your way and ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! xxxxxxxxxx


  8. Cat;

    Answering here below because the fields were getting too narrow above there . 😉

    Well didn´t know that you ´ve lived in the States, awesome…
    Near the sea; wow, even better hon…

    I didn´t know either that you liked Enya.
    So leaving you this gorgeous song by the irish lady (please listen to it, will you …por favor?):

    Syncro Hugs XXXX;

    Aquileana 🙂


    1. yeah xxx 9-15 – xxx Marblehead Ma x very close to Boston xxx
      6-9 in Hong Kong – lots of travel xxxx very grateful for my upbringing x
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      Thank You sweet Miss Argentina x
      yes i like Enya 🙂 almost everything – music – under the moon xxxxx

      Thank You x love love love xxxxxxx
      here is the youtube channel of a pianist that i cannot get enough of –
      i think you will like him
      contemporary classical 🙂

      see you synchro x C


      1. Allô mon amie;

        Oui je lui ai écouté et je me suis aussi aboné au chaîne de O´Halloren * (French)

        Molto buono! * (Italian)

        … Dake Schön mein Freund * (German)

        Wow this is awesome, so you have lived in different countries,
        That might explain why you are such an open minded person regarding the world, love, culture & music…

        That was your little trick, wasn´t it hon?. * (English)

        Sí nos veremos sincrónicamente, a la brevedad querida Cat * (Spanish)

        … In the meanwhile… Carpe Diem* (Latin)

        お休みなさい *(which means “Good nigh”t in Japanese)

        Ειρήνη σε σας* (“Peace to you” in Greek)

        Aquileana 😉

        PS: I thought it could be fun to mix languages here… That was pretty cool, ah, there are (*) eight different languages in this simple comment… ;). Hope you like the nerdy game…

        WOW XOXO CF !


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