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I am You Are , Session Singing and my upcoming audio book of Prose .

It’s been almost a whole month since

I have written any sort of Blog post ….

But ……. when you’re busy , you’re busy

and time gets allotted differently .

First off – Here is Our New song

I am You are – As The City Rumbles Underneath 

what This song is about =

I am You are (musically/lyrically)
is about two souls at the edge of entering Their own Utopia…CF

and if you want a copy from itunes you can get it here: you like it please share this link. It really helps! 🙂
I have been doing some session singing and it’s so much fun
Through Morph Productions of Course …..
It’s Now part of what i do ……… 🙂 as a Vocalist/ Musician
If You don’t know what session singing just click on the blue …
The Video for Hearts Expire is gonna be up in  October –
It’s a mini film and this is why it’s taking more time to edit
Thank You Roz … She is the woman who edited
and Ashton Price’s partner.
Last But Definitely NOT least
I am recording my  new Audio Book of Prose on Monday
At Morph Productions , and it will go out on iTunes
When Its done ..
It’s all written (all new stuff )
which is enthralling as enthralling can be – a whole new world of words …
Now :
It’s Just time To speak it ……
So… Really Fun and Creative times
Busiest time ever ……
and I couldn’t be more grateful and immersed in it all …….
See You 🙂
Cat Forsley

66 thoughts on “I am You Are , Session Singing and my upcoming audio book of Prose .”

  1. ►Hello Cat ►

    Just wanted to congratulate you on the latest song.

    It is really awesome…

    it kind of reminds me of Depeche Mode and also maybe to a couple of U2´s songs …

    I don´t know if you will agree with me here …

    This song si certainly a great one, so congrats to you & Ashton Price!!!. 🙂

    Also Good to know about the video of “Hearts Expire” & the Audio Book…

    Really I didn´t know that your book was almost ready . ..

    Will it be also available in Epub or PDF?…

    Anyway, please, let me know how can I get it, deal?.

    Welll then & well done!!!…

    Sending you love & TTYL; Cat;

    Aquileana 🙂


    1. Hiya Miss argentina 🙂
      thank You 🙂 sorry for the super late response – lol
      going to record the book in a few hours ….
      Yeah i would agree with You , i hear a bit of Depeche Mode in there –
      Ashton’s favourite band – so maybe that’s why 🙂
      U2 – well – maybe i hear that – not sure – ❤ i listen to so much music – from classical to , well everything – so it's kind of difficult to be objective about my own music 🙂 xx
      ❤ This is my favourite song of ours …. so far ………….
      The Book – well it had been something i was thinking about for a looong time …..
      and i write on my own – (prose) every day – so it was just a matter of time til i made a decision….. And You know , when You make a decision – everything flows ………….

      Thanks for you sweetness ( as always ) x
      when the audio book is done it will be available on iTunes …….
      and other digital stores – 🙂 will let You know 🙂
      Yes yes yes the video is almost done –
      It's really beautiful so far – i have seen three edits …….
      here is a screen shot ……

      should be ready in the next week or so 🙂

      Many hugs to You xxx
      and Thanks XXXX
      will chatt when i am done reading / reciting my book today
      Then – i plan To RELAX for a bit ………. Just a bit lol
      ❤ Lots of Love xx C xxx


      1. Hello Cat…

        Sorry for the delay… I am now answering you here but I´ve already read your comment above when you posted it …

        Wow, it is great to hear your bonnes nouvelles ici, mon amie… Nice shot too !!

        Regarding to the song, I do believe it is awe & can´t decide between it and “when stars collide”…
        These are the best ones for me and can´t choose between them… / Hard to make a choice /

        I wish the audio book is going well so far, and then you tell about it me next week when you are done with it … Ok???…

        Ah, I was just thinking that maybe you & Ashton must add the lyrics of the songs there in the facebook profile .. This is a personal suggestion: no more!!!….

        Well honey, I am wishing you a beautiful day & we talk later <3…

        Much love to you, CF Aquileana 🙂


        1. Hiya xxx
          Finishing my audio book today !!!!!!!!
          I will be done today and then it’s off to edit and package on iTunes xxxx
          and then the video of HEARTS EXPIRE like soon , soon soon x
          and then working on new stuff ……….
          It never ends ,….lol
          That’s a good idea about the lyric thing 🙂 thanks x
          i think when we get further – we will think about it –
          Wishing You a beautifullllll day x
          Heart on my Book – prose and then a sleep and NORMAL weekend xxxxxx
          NOT SO MUCH THINKING 🙂 lol
          more fun and being silly = much needed xxx
          ❤ chatt soon xx
          much love 2 u tooooooooooo 🙂 xx C


          1. ✿ Hi beauty; ✿

            Being silly… Aw you are cute… Yes, you are absolutely right, just need thta too. to have fun & enjoy instead of thinking too much… But well you know sometimes I am quite a nerdy intellectual gal… I know you could be one too, let´s take a break , deal?

            For instance: (love these ones):

            Too much thinking, yes… but not always!!!. I could be specially fool sometimes you wouldn´t believe it…

            OMG, I´ll try to follow your advice and just pick up some sun today…. In fact it is a gorgeous sunny day, bring on the sun, CF…
            “Here comes the sun” (quite silly but a lovely song, indeed)!!!

            Yay… Great to know about the updates honey bee.. I am glad that you are doing all what makes you happy…

            And I am happy for you too… Well I wish you an great weekend mi amiga and talk soon de tes nouvelles avec le livre, d´accord???

            Love to you! XO, Aquileana 🙂


            1. PS: I wish you come to see Keats´s post in my website, just to say hi there. You´ve left me hanging on… Miss you there & It is a beautiful poem, you´ll love it ;)… Aquileana .-


            2. 🙂 🙂 :)” here comes the sun ” is one of my favourite songs – all songs Beatles – ❤ all beautiful – John Lennon – a hero for sure ……..:) 🙂 🙂 🙂
              le livre – (audio ) ………….. i love it xxxxx
              and the moment it goes up xxxx
              i will let you know 🙂 xxx ❤ ❤ ❤ Hearts Expire Video this week – finally YAY xxxx
              🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤
              Hope Your are enjoying the weekend xxxx
              i am xxxxx Restful , creative – and CHILLED out – because it starts all over tomorrow = Monday xxxx
              🙂 🙂 🙂
              Thanks for the song – one of my Fave Beatles for You =
              Happy Sunday …

              xo C


    1. YOUZ ……………………….. “the blondez ” ………………..
      I lubbs u too 🙂 ………. I think u kind of know it by now 🙂 lol
      Ur kinda everywhere on my site ………. Look around 🙂
      lubbbbz u x C


  2. You guys keep getting better! This is going to be an excellent pop album by the time you finish. I really hope it gets the attention it deserves – fingers, eyes, brain lobes all crossed for you. 🙂 AY x


    1. That’s the Point right stu bro ? xx to progress 🙂
      AY x
      and How many days Til you get MARRIED ….:)
      Not many xxxx
      the countdown has begun over here – 🙂 ……. on the other side of the pond ! lol
      I want The DVD of stu and em get married … i do 🙂 lol
      xxxx C sis xx


  3. Oh, I am so so so happy for you my dear Cat!!! 🙂
    Beautiful song – beautiful voice – beautiful words! 🙂 🙂
    [just downloaded all from i-tunes!]
    All the best my dear sweet Cat, in EVERYTHING you do!!!
    muah! [big kiss] 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. Thank You beautiful M xxxx
      i appreciate That xxxx ❤ Time is moving fast fast fast xxx
      ❤ in a good way xxx
      all the best to you always – in your beautiful paintings and music ……..
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Muah! Muah! Muah ! x


  4. I love the new song and I’m glad you’re totally immersed in creativity because you are incredibly talented. Doing an audio book of prose – that’s quite an interesting project as well. Everything you touch is wonderful so I’m sure that will be a big success. Staying busy doing something you love is the ultimate high.

    Hugs, Pam


    1. Sammy and Pam – …..
      You changed Your pic ! I love it 🙂
      and Your magical Toes – lol
      Thank You xxx
      It is the ultimate height in life – To create all the time xx i agree a zillion percent x
      ❤ Going to record this prose today xxx
      I will tell You the title of my book soon – ( text you ) lol
      Wishing You a beautiful Birthday Tomorrow – ……… It's Tomorrow –
      wonder what's happening ? wink wink wink xxx
      Look in Your email later Tonight – You never know – 🙂 lol
      Love to you always xxx C


        1. it’s actually Happening Today 🙂 ❤
          i gave myself an extra day – To get all my words just the way i want ….lol
          I am starting at 11 am xxxx
          ❤ ❤ ❤
          Thanks for the well wishes xo
          sweetness plus xxx C


    1. And You ………. Archie, Henry and Oscar …………………MICHELLE = princess of joy
      You are spreading the Joy ……………
      look in the mirror will You 🙂 xxx
      You’re making beautiful things happen every single day 🙂
      And Please Tell Archie that I turn off my phone at midnight ………lol
      UK TIME / EST time – he’s Calling so much …………..lololol !
      purrrs to everyone in your beautiful family xo Love xx C


    1. You ! so Glad You’re back …….. i have told you twice – i will tell you 3 times 🙂
      Your antics were missed xxx 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Love to your mom Easy ……….
      Hope she gets better – Like NOW !
      and have fun on the (dumbpad) and take care of your new buddy Helmut x
      i am crazy about his name 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      LOL xxx
      Love xx Cat


  5. You are a goal buster! Nothing more exciting than witnessing someone giving it all they got to reach, surpass and create new goals – congratulations you have a bright light of success forming over you. wonderful song – enjoyed the lyrics and notes.


    1. Mary That’s so beautiful , Thank You ……….
      so much candour to your response – 🙂 love that x
      Going to record my Book today – Voice ready – everything ready xxx
      Thanks for the beautiful comment x ❤
      Good Luck in all you do !
      C xx


  6. Wonderful Song Cat, and I am just loving that you are so busy busy busy with doing what you LOVE.. And that dear Cat is ALL that matters….. you know I just love you to bits and so love that you followed you heart… And ALL is well in your world….

    Mega mega Hugs and a Zillion kisses and then some…. Love Sue xoxoxoxoxox


    1. Good Morning sue sue xxxxxxxx ❤ I love you to bits Toooooooo 🙂
      I am doing what I love FULL on …….
      it's a pretty amazing feeling – Like dreaming awake or something like that xxx<3
      All is always well 🙂 It is xxx and it's Truly a magical time in life xxxx ❤
      Gratitude Plus !
      today is the day i record my book ………
      was gonna do it Monday – But gave myself an extra day – To sift and Savour all my words ……
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      Love To You as always sue sue xxxxxxxx
      in all that you do ! xxx C


    1. Hello You 🙂
      How are You ?
      Long Time huh 🙂
      I haven’t been Here – On my site very much – But everything created its OUT there 🙂 lol
      x 🙂 Nice to see you again 🙂
      best ,


        1. Of course 🙂 will always be x
          I have a band now / working with a great producer in toronto –
          No more writing or recording stuff at home = YAY
          waiting for 2nd professional vid to come out – so tons has changed ,……:)
          🙂 🙂 🙂


  7. I love this song – I love your energy in it – the voice, the message, the love. You’re amazing and I’m so thrilled to be witnessing this beautiful unfolding. Doing a happy chair dance with you!

    You are. I am. We are. Congratulations on all this is yet to come for you. Love you. xoxoxo


    1. Jackie Jackie Jackie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I love that You put the title of the song that way (so You !)
      I think the same way too –
      as You know By now 🙂 xxx

      So Much Beauty in this present and future ………
      it’s all encompassing really .
      I am more than enthralled xx
      Thanks for Your support and sweetness xx
      Love You Too 🙂 xx C


  8. Missed your posts but completely understand the hectic life. It feels like feast or famine in the arts. Everything is happening or not much. 😉 So happy your in an everything place. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks in Toronto! 🙂


    1. exactly K heart xxxxx ❤
      one more tiny session of recording the audio book i started yesterday and Then Tada !
      and the video next week xxx
      Yeah – we are Gonna meet up and Have some Fun…………….. 🙂 You gotta tell me where you wanna go 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤
      love xx C


      1. LOL. Hmm. I’ll have to think on that. Definitely want to walk around and see the sites. I was in Toronto in 2000 and did some touristy stuff then. Time to check tripadvisor. 🙂


    1. THANKS xxxx ❤ Muah xxxxxxx i think the video for hearts expire comes up next week xxx recording my book again tomorrow x so much stuff – ay chihuahua i am exhausted x but Good exhausted xxxx LOVE LOVE LOVE XXX c


  9. Guten tag Cat/ Miss Canada…

    How are you?… I wish you have a peaceful sunday my friend…

    Good that you loved “Here comes the sun”… I loved this song and remind me of when I was a silly teenager… Yes, it is a very good one, indeed, CF…

    I saw you there on Pinterest yesterday but as I was signing off I didn´t reply… I will & thanks for stopping by my blog. Awesome… 🙂

    Wow regarding As The City Rumbles Underneath… Good God!
    Congrats XX… I can´t believe I will be finally watching the video… Just can´t wait now …

    Thanks for the updates on this topic & for your lovely words…

    “Revolution” is a massively neat song by The Beatles… I am posting another one by them here too… There it goes: “For no one” :

    Well then… We´ll keep on touch then.

    Enjoy your day & have a great week ahead; Babe;

    Love to you;



    1. ❤ Hiya 🙂
      Thank You xxxxx here at the same time 🙂 aha xxxx
      Hearts expire video comes out tomorrow 🙂 ayayayayayayayayayayyayaya
      Yes very peaceful weekend , lots of nice weather here xxx and mega chill xxxxxxxxxxxx
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      all Beatles songs ROCK xxxxxxx
      Here is another one for You xxx
      have a beautiful rest of Sunday xo xo xo xo

      C XXX


  10. Yay. Cat… Love “Black Bird”… In fact I thought of it before posting “For no one”; CF…

    Have a gorgeous day and sending you love again XO;

    Aquileana 🙂


      1. Yes I agree with you Cat… One song by them is better than the other… Just hard to make a choice…

        Many hugs through the screen and throughout it (Syncro Effect)!;

        Aquileana 😉



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