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Happy Summer & An Unexpected Gift !

Happy Summer !!!!

It’s Officially Summer 

Woohooooooo !

It’s So Beautiful In Toronto

Magical Really 

 Our Video is coming Up On Monday 

For When Stars Collide 

and I wasn’t Going To write anything until Monday 

Except That I received a Really beautiful Musical Gift 

This Morning .


Daniel Barton 

creator of

and such a very cool musician friend 

I had done a spoken word poem 


-Utopia is for the Brave –

I hadn’t posted it anywhere 

This was about 2 months ago 

before all the Video stuff 


was starting to happen 

Daniel  Took it and made it a really Lovely composition 

I am pretty amazed 

At His Kindness ..

Really Lovely way To Wake Up and Start The weekend !

Thank You Daniel – AKA ALIEN 7 

You are a REAL Talent in all You do 

and you do it with Kindness 

Which makes it even Better !

 All His Info is Under The Video ….

He’s In Europe – And making wonderful sweet comics that add a mega amount of smiles !

Thanks Again For The Surprise 

and Happy First Day of Summer !!!!

C U Monday …..

Cat Forsley !!!!!!





56 thoughts on “Happy Summer & An Unexpected Gift !”

  1. Ah, that is just a wonderful surprise, Cat!!! Agree by the way, “utopia is for the brave”!
    Nice work by Daniel!
    Happy Summer Solstice and looking forward to Monday YEY!!!!
    🙂 xxxxxx


    1. Nice surprise Huh 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 it was like a 1 minute poem ……. but he made it beautifullllllllllll 🙂 C u Monday – HAPPY SUMMER XO mega hugs M 🙂
      C xx


    1. i just wrote a tiny poem sweet willow 🙂 and Daniel and i had collaborated before – 🙂
      I totally did not expect this – 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and his beautiful video footage tooooooooo 🙂
      a Big wow ………….. Big Hugggggggggs To You Too xxxxx Hope it’s beautiful where You are – Happy Happy Summer xo C


    1. Kind huh 🙂 xx such a cool gift – love the scenic drive thing 🙂 Big smiles and Hugggggggggs To You 2 – Happpppy summer xo 🙂 Happy Saturday x 🙂 yawwwwwn – 🙂 xo


    1. Yeah singing and writing music is my thing 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      my number one passion 🙂

      Happy Summer and weekend To You and My Youtube channel – with a ton of my songs is in the menu 🙂

      Cheers xx Cat


    1. Moggies !!!!!!! Happy Sunday M xxxx
      Happy Sunday 🙂 and Yes to The best Summer ever ever ever 🙂 Big Hugs To the Boys and YOU 🙂 XXXXX C


    1. HI C xxx Daniel and i have collaborated before 😉 he wrote the music and made the vid – 🙂 xo Big sunday Hugggggggs xxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxooxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoo C xxx


            1. thx for sharing 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 sweet one xxx 🙂 You are The twitter expert 🙂 I just respond -= 🙂 lol …… and send smiles etc ……
              Hope You got the flickr messages 🙂 🙂 🙂
              i was up to my ears in music xxx
              the video is up – just formatting a new channel 🙂
              Love Love Love
              C 2 C xxxxx 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
              and yeah sharing spoken word stuff like that is very kind of you 🙂
              Hugs xx C xxxxx


    1. Hiya Pink xxxxx It’s The Truth Right – at least in my heart xxxx Kindness makes more kindness
      so simple to be kind ………… 🙂 way harder to be the OTHER WAY 🙂 lol
      Big Hugs to You and Yours xxx C


  2. Wow such great comments here. Cat is a talented writer.
    Glad you all like the sounds. 🙂


    1. Well Daniel – you made such a beautiful song and vid 🙂 and the fact that it was a surprise –
      I love That ! ………. It’s Got such a cool vibe to it
      i Put it on our band page 🙂
      and ur super talented with synths – totally from another planet sounds 🙂
      Best and Thanks 🙂
      C xxxx


    1. Hey Bearman ……… Yep 🙂 Cool Huh – remember when i made some music for The Wombies – i think it was summer last year > He connected with me after that 🙂
      yeah…… just found it – lol Good morning 🙂 this one –

      and then we did The One about friendships – 🙂
      He’s a multitalent that Daniel 🙂
      Thanks 🙂 Happy Tuesday x


  3. Well put together by your friend Cat, the music was a delightful accompaniment to your great words, all round a great effort and congratulations to you both.


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