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-Dog Day & A Wonderful Video shoot for our Band

What a great day the 29th was – and today for that matter – !!!!!!!!!!

We shot our video to

                               — WHEN STARS COLLIDE —

 As The City Rumbles Underneath 

A long day of dancing like a maniac, working with full on talent and just plain fun 

Here are a few prep shots of the set 

From Sarah Thompson’s  Instagram

Ashton  And Sarah were all about the concept, Kim Diamond Did The Make up 

Seriously Intense make up – Lashes took forever to take off ……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what i wore 4 some of the video shoot  Betsey Johnson shoes - circa 2009!!! and bebe dress circa 2011! fun to dig in my closet - never know what i will find .....
what i wore 4 some of the video shoot
Betsey Johnson shoes – circa 2009!!!
and bebe dress circa 2011!
fun to dig in my closet – never know what i will find …..

So Now we are in edit stage – which will take a while – But well worth the wait ………….

Tired But Very Happy Cat …..


because this is such a funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn post 

with so many Little links to visit ………

Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (2010 Version)

So Promised Dog Day …….

All These Little Loves have their own worlds –

all beautiful –

I am an animal lover to the max – as if you couldn’t tell by now …….

Please Visit them at the addresses at the bottom of their profiles ! 

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy

Cat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mollie xo

Mollie xo
Gizmo x
Gizmo x
Clowie xo
Clowie xo
Copper xo
Copper xo
Misaki xo
Misaki xo
Dear DeDe xox
Dear DeDe xox
Rumpy xoxo
Rumpy xoxo

love xx




60 thoughts on “-Dog Day & A Wonderful Video shoot for our Band”

  1. OMD such a lovely post. And thank you so much for including me. That’s quite an impressive line up of wonderful doggies ❤


    1. You’re sooo welcome xxxxx !!!!!!!!!i know right 🙂 beautiful animals with lovely humans 🙂 xxx off to bed – finality xxx love x C


    1. i love love love spreading the love 😉 xxx it’s fun and creative – all about happy posts 🙂
      thank you xxxxx happy almost weekend 🙂 x


    1. Mollie – Mollie – !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      You are the star sweetheart – your mom loves you – so much 🙂
      the victoria secret bra – LOVE IT ……… brings out your fur 🙂 lol xxxxxxxx
      love xxx Happy Friday xo
      yeah now i can chill – lol …………………MUAH X


  2. Oh, can’t wait to see the video!! 🙂 🙂
    Great list of wonderful doggies!!!!! 🙂 !!!
    Happy Happy and Relaxing Friday [and weekend] my dear! 🙂


    1. HIYA m x 🙂 me neither can’t wait – was so much fun and this was so much fun to put together – all these beautiful animals in one happy post xxx Happy weekend xxx countdown is on xo LOVE XXXXXXXXXXX C


  3. Congratulations on the video shoot Cat…..and what a great line-up of some of my pup buddies in the “doggy parade of stars” you’ve posted today! Mom and I can’t wait to see your final video when it’s edited and we hope you get LOTS of rest after all the hard work…..

    Kitty hugs from ME ME ME, Sammy 😀 😀 😀


    1. HAHAHAHAHAH – cute sense of humour – you 🙂 xx
      How beautiful are they huh ? xxxxx
      Give Sammy a smooch for me 😉
      i need to come and visit and see what’s happening over there 🙂
      Hugs from me too xxxx C 🙂


    1. they are wonderful 🙂 all animals are – maybe not spiders or snakes …lol ………………
      ! Betsey Johnson is pretty wildly creative –
      she has her own world i think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Everyone has their own style in being creative 🙂
      You have yours too 🙂
      best xx C


  4. What an awesome post, Cat, and thanks again, for including Copper! He is so proud to be on your blog! Woof! 🙂 I also love your dress and you are a beautiful soul, my friend, and what a perfect song! Copper and I are going to visit the other doggies, too, so thanks for linking them and making it so easy for us! Can’t wait for the video and have a happy Friday and weekend! Much love and many hugs! ♥ 🙂 xoxo


    1. Copper is beautiful Lauren 🙂 …….Glad you guys adopted him – what a lovely story 🙂 xxx
      yeah – lots of animal friends around huh ? xx
      i think so too 🙂
      i can’t wait for the video either 🙂 lol…………
      now time to chillllllllllll out and focus on other aspects of my life –
      was a whirlwind week – am still unwinding – it may take a while 😉
      Have a beautiful weekend – and a giant hug to Copper 🙂
      Cat xxx


    1. PAWS UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! to all the great doggies and humans xx
      🙂 ……….
      Thanks x i love clothes 🙂 self expression – and i love throwing stuff together last minute 🙂
      🙂 C x


    1. FAN? no Friend = YES XXXXX 🙂 love xxxxxxxxx love love love from a very muggy Toronto – xxxx big huggs and hope all is good 🙂 your photograph and poetry are beautiful Robyn 🙂 pure inspiration xoxoxo
      Cat xx


  5. Thank you so much for the honor of being here with so many good furriends today…and i got to meet copper, a new furriend I’m sure…What a fun post…Love the song, now can’t wait to see the finished video…Have a super weekend 🙂


    1. !!!!! Gizmo 🙂 glad to meet you 2 cutie pie – my pleasure – absolutely 🙂
      was fun huh ?
      🙂 the video is in edit mode 🙂 exciting fun – and yes a chill weekend xxx Glad you met Copper – He is pretty amazing huh xxx and all the humans that love their animals – amazing people 🙂
      big huggs xx Cat xx


  6. An aficionado of true vintage fashion, animal lover and a singer – couldn’t be much closer to my fave things! Great good fortune with your band. Thanks, also, for joining my fun. I post photos of true vintage from my own closet almost every day but Sundays. I look forward to your visits.


  7. Wow, what a great post. Loved the video and song. BTW, Clowie sent me. Thanks for including my friend Clowie whose post I avidly follow. I know I don’t look like a dog or dog person but underneath that book cover lurks an animal advocate, lol. Nice to meet you since you come so highly recommended and I really enjoyed your post here. Paulette


  8. I am so intrigued by the photos Sarah had and your apparel. Can’t wait to see the video. 🙂


    1. it will be a little while 🙂 xxx it was a super fun day – the editing process tales a while to get perfect – and it’s in editor hands – so until then xxxxxxx ❤ love and get better soooooooon xo


      1. It will be worth the wait. 🙂 I understand. LOL. Editing takes a long time for me too. ;P

        I’m feeling pretty good. Nervous about tomorrow night. Looks like 50+ people are turning out for the party. 🙂


        1. glad you’re feeling better 🙂 yay 🙂 🙂 🙂 xx I know right – Patience is the greatest virtue ……lol xo ………….. YOU WILL BE AWESOME K HEART …………. You know it 🙂 ……………… You have to know it by now 🙂 sending you great great thoughts – “don’t stop believin ” red pom poms in full bloom 🙂 🙂 🙂 ………………….x Love xxxx and of course……………. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  9. Cat, thank you for visiting my blog and the follow. I am listening to your song “When Stars Collide” as I write this – great song and recording. How talented you are! And I loved seeing the dog photos – very sweet.


  10. Cat,
    Just heard your song on YouTube. Fabulous! Your style is very elegant! I really appreciate a lovely singing voice because that’s one thing I do not have!


  11. Cat, this is so so beautiful wonderful 🙂

    I’m so happy for you, and for you to be shining so 🙂 I had no idea you’re so talented!


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