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C is For Circle – A poetic Collaboration – Christy Birmingham and Cat Forsley

Happy Sunday ….. ! 

i have never done a poetic collaboration before  – Christy Birmingham and I have been talking about doing this for about a week Now – Beautiful To Write together – Very Fluid – Very Candid and Childlike .. She is a Great writer and Heart – and This was so much fun . Enjoy ………..

Her site is 🙂


C is for circle,
A curve we know well, as we
Step through a ring of kindness with
Smiles and creations that
We mark with a capital C.
We create with our smiles,
A process that always renews,
Love holds the circle strong as
We hold hands in friendship,
You and I,
With room, always, for
One more friend,
We do not ask questions,
We do not give in order to receive.
A soft word, a breathy wish,
The kindness carries itself on the wind and
Our circles allow the current to flow so
Atop effervescent clouds that
You have to examine to see.
There is no separation from love,
The circle,
Our friendship.
We were born to give and
This is how we live.
We give water to the ocean, and so
Begins the warm wave,
Ready to meet us time and
Time again,
A wave full of gentle friendship,
A sweet friendship that we adore.
By Christy Birmingham and Cat Forsley ©
Unsung Universe - Cat Forsley ©
Unsung Universe – Cat Forsley ©

The Perishers-Nothing Like You and I

Have a beautiful Sunday !

Cat 🙂 🙂 🙂 

67 thoughts on “C is For Circle – A poetic Collaboration – Christy Birmingham and Cat Forsley”

  1. Aww! Sweet Cat, sweet friendship, sweet dreams that come true as we love xoxo You are a wonderful friend and I am honoured to have worked with you on this poem. I cherish our friendship 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Poetic Parfait and commented:
    I so proud of this poem that I wrote with talented poet and artist Cat Forsley. We have wanted to work together on a project for a long time and we were able to as we penned this poem “Circle” together.
    Much love to you all, and may friendship surround your hearts today!


    1. this is pure collaboration 🙂 ……………..
      these aren’t lyrics – this is a poem about friendship 🙂
      i write lyrics for music all day
      this was a beautiful process 🙂 thanks Prenin 🙂
      Have a great one 🙂


  3. Dear Cat and Christy, this is such a beautiful collaboration of friendship and I especially love “kindness carries itself on the wind.” Love n hugs to you both and wishes for a peaceful Sunday…♥


  4. Wowiees… to the lyrics… thinking about the taste of joys … faster and faster 🙂
    Nothing like you and I 🙂 ..
    Just trying 🙂


  5. WOW! such a beautiful Combination the circle is complete lovely poem.. and image.. ” A wave full of gentle Friendship”……… Wonderful… xoxox sending you tons of love Sue xox xox


  6. Very nice…. You are both great writers Cat & Christy.

    Aquileana/Amalia Pedemonte (yep, those names may refer to the same person ;)… )



  7. Awesome collaboration! I hope to read more of them…maybe even a song put to one? 🙂 Love when two talented people come together!


    1. Thanks K …………
      me and ashton – music = duo – Full album coming – as the video too –
      loved working with Christy – she is indeed a bright star and talented poetess xxxxx


    1. Love you xxxx Tooooooooooooooooooooo 🙂
      It was great to collab with miss C x she’s a mega talent with words and kindness –
      Happy weekend Cha Cha xxx
      and thanks for the funnies on facebook – omg – what a great sense of humour you have – Congrats on all that hard work you have put into school –
      You’re one of the most focused human beings i have met – well virtually 😉 x lol
      Big hugggggggggs xo


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