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Being Your Own Boss …. Cat Forsley

Being Your own boss ……..

Um – a Big Yes To This ………

I Have always been Fiercely Independent 

Heart Wise -Idea wise 

And It’s amazing what Spring Does …..

All The Awesome ideas 

That I had maybe 3 years ago –

are surfacing and coming True …..

Cool ……… Very cool 

Pastel Pool Journal Cat Forsley Designs
Pastel Pool Journal Cat Forsley Designs

I write everything down 

For Myself 

You Never know when an idea is Going To resurface 

Or just Plainly show up ……:) 

Planning a new Video 

To Song 2 

with Ashton – The Producer I am working with 

owner of  Morph Productions 

The Ideas Are Fun 

and come rushing like a beautiful wave

This is Our First song which is on iTunes 

Said and Done – As The City Rumbles Underneath

The second song is super power pop 

He’s a perfectionist 

Sound wise and It’s amazing To work with such Genius Ears ……..:) 

I’m a Lucky Cat ….

I Really Am !

Between This and Designing Stuff 

Podcast Ideas – Brainstorming !

Travel for the summer – Planning!

This was the last Video – Professional – Filmed By Rhett Morita –

In Toronto .

It was one of the first songs i ever wrote 

Whilst in Ottawa – Floating in my parents pool 

Orange Model Mangement Cat Forsley’s ” Superhero” Music Video


The World is so Lovely when You are Your Own Boss ……..

A Facebook friend posted something about being an Entrepreneur 

The Other day .

A Really Over used word 

But it Got me Thinking . 

Again …:) yes i think a Lot …..

That’s what we are when we are Our own Bosses …….

Entrepreneurs !

I don’t Know what It is about this particular Spring …

It’s No Longer the Chocolate/ Sugar 

In My system 

Eggs are all Gone …….

I Think It’s Just Pure Happiness 

And The Rush of Creativity 

+ Making Good Use of My Time .

Which I have finally learned to use 


That’s it for This week – at least Til the weekend 

I have so much To do ……

and Love every nanosecond of it ………..

This is the first song 

That really inspired me to rock out ……

I was on a road Trip from Ottawa to California 

In the Mid 90’s ……

So Much Fun …..


 A Very Happy Cat Forsley 

The Breeders – Cannonball

Time For a large Coffee LOL … and a lot of planning and doing 

and Yes still obsessed By Bunnies 🙂

Why ? 

Not sure …….

They are just Sweet and Beautiful ……….

some bunny loves You Cat Forsley Designs
some bunny loves You Cat Forsley Designs







38 thoughts on “Being Your Own Boss …. Cat Forsley”

    1. merci 🙂 and thank You To Genius Ashton Price 🙂 ………… He knows my voice so well it’s amazing …
      Never met anyone like that before 🙂


    1. Thanks Stu Bro ………
      Superhero was fun though – cuz it was Freezing Out and i was trying to pretend it wasn’t ……:) Almost Ok was fun Too – just different ya know 🙂 x I like Outside stuff better now …….. Fresh air – kind of …lol . Toronto Fresh air > x 🙂 Have a wonderful day 🙂 x


  1. Those are lovely designs cat they had made them..and you are such an amazingly gifted one…just Love ya.
    Oh yes we are our own boss..
    Big big big hugs from one boss to another love:)


    1. Hey Soma Star Boss 🙂 xxx
      How U doing xxx I just saw your Updates on Facebook ……
      Oh How You always make me smile 🙂
      See You later Boss Lady xxx Love ya xxxxxx and Thanks xo


  2. I agree with you 100% Cat much to be said about being your own boss I enjoy it very much. Ah road trips, 1986 Cali to Vancouver BC bak in my days of surfboards and sunsets ❤ Have a great day. Loved the post.


    1. Cali To Vancouver 🙂 Nice 🙂
      Sounds lovely …………
      Ottawa to California was cuckoo ……
      Fun Cuckoo ……….
      Thanks 🙂
      🙂 🙂 🙂 C x


  3. Life is at its best when you can reach beyond yourself and do great things! 🙂

    Well done my friend and Keep On Rocking!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!



    1. Thanks M …….:) Happy Friday 🙂 ahhhhh It’s Friday 🙂 coming over to see your new creations once i wake Up fully 🙂 lol xxxxx lots o Love xo C


  4. You have such a beautiful voice! I wish you lots of luck with your music cat! I remember a while ago you asked if I ever wanted to use your music for something I would be welcomed to it. I would definitely like to do that soon, crediting you of course. Your songs are magical, and once again I love your voice. Not to mention the pastel notebook 😉


    1. Thanks 🙂 xx we are connected on Youtube and Twitter now yes 🙂 xx for sure 🙂 You can contact Ashton Price
      at if you want to use a particular song 🙂 he is on twitter and Facebook as well :)_ Love to You and Cute Kirby 🙂 xxxx a big smooch to him xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox


  5. Super Hero is an awesome song – and you even have a professional video!!! How cool is that? Was the guy an actor? OMG I’m so excited for how famous you are going to be one day 🙂 ❤


    1. no famous – just happy making fun videos – the guy is a model – it was a pretty fun experience 🙂

      Just excited to make the next one xx Fun Fun Fun and it;s alll planned now 🙂 just waiting for this Toronto weather to WARM UP ……………..
      XO LOVE


  6. Cat!!! Your voice is uh-MAZING!! So pretty–soo…marketable!! You have IT…that IT thing…for effin sure…wow. I am so impressed!! I am listening right now, and afraid to hit publish, because that’ll cut the song off. Said and Done so WELL!!!


    1. I love your sense of humour Karen …. seriously 🙂 and your energy 🙂 ……ENERGIZER BUNNY 🙂 x 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% ………so glad we are connected on fb ….:) big hugggs xoxoxox C


  7. It is amazing to take control of your work and manage yourself. It’s like being the captain of your soul. Best wishes on all your new endeavors! 🙂


    1. Thanks K heart 🙂 It is 🙂 …….. exactly as Your wrote 🙂 x “captain of your soul ” …… Hello beautiful 🙂
      that is Gorgeous 🙂 xo


      1. It’s from Invictus by William Ernest Henley. It’s a great poem my best friend sent me way back in college when I felt like things were beyond my control. I taped it over my computer so I always remember who is in charge of me. 😉


  8. Cat, nice videos, I loved the vibe of Said and Done.
    I totally agree with you concerning being an entrepreneur..It’s definitely an avenue for the independent individual.


    1. Definitely agree on that – when u have an independent heart and mind – as i am sure you do as well – 🙂 You just follow your passions 🙂 a new vid is coming soon – May – for a song that is finished 🙂 same producer – just waiting for this weather to be consistent – 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comments 🙂


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