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A Little More Happiness ! Cat Forsley ©

So, It’s been a while since I wrote anything on My site .

That’s been a Good thing – I think …..smiles !

It Feels Like forever really – so Much Has Gone on ……

Hurricane Sandy, Election Time – Yes I am Canadian – But i seriously got into it …….

We’re neighbours after all .

Writing for myself has been Good Too ……

It just means I have tons of pieces of paper around my place …..

And a new purple journal already kinda Bursting at the seams …

I’ve been recording at Morph productions

With My Buddy, Ashton Price

As We are collaborating – on Dream Pop stuff .

It’s been a blast so far …..

I’m Going back Tomorrow ….

He’s a wonderful friend – and musically – We’re definitely on the same Page .

Nothing is Out yet – so you can hear – But soon…..!!!!

Here’s a pic from last week ….. at The studio .

Cat Forsley
Photo Ashton Price ©

I’ve also been writing/ recording  music at Home – STILL ….

And Keeping it Light and Fun

I’ve written and made a song / Video for RumpyDog– yes click on RumpyDog 

As My Love for animals = well -it’s pretty ginormous .

HERE  HE IS ……….

And I can’t wait To make another ! 

I guess – all in all – Life feels Lighter

My Yoga practice is deepening

Every day – I fully immerse myself

& afterwards  – all possible Traces of stress

Have left ……

Which is lovely .

So …… Life is Opening Up …..More …

and No deep wisdom Here

but …..

You have to open up more for life to open up ….MORE

simple simple .

So Yes Busy Happy Musical Yoga-loving Animal Loving Nature Loving Fashion Loving  Free Spirited Light Hearted ….


Cat Forsley


35 thoughts on “A Little More Happiness ! Cat Forsley ©”

  1. ALL great great news Cat!!!! I’m so happy for you! 🙂
    Wonderful to see you recording and being: “Busy Happy Musical Yoga-loving Animal Loving Nature Loving Fashion Loving Free Spirited Light Hearted ….”
    Love the Rumpy music too!
    Keep it up, keep us posted and keep smiling!
    love & xxxxxxx


    1. It’s 4 in the morning here xx 🙂 lol
      Thanks Marina xx I thought i’d end the post with all the stuff i love these days 🙂 lol xo
      Missed You Tons xxx
      And so Glad 2 see You xxx


  2. your line, “you have to open up more for life to open up …MORE.” is a fantastically wonderful line. keep enjoying the studio and working all the poses in the yoga. just so you know, I put up a vid in regards to a reading. it’s not professional looking but you’ll get to hear my voice and check out my presence. have a great day cat:))


  3. We wanna hear it!!!! I’m eager to hear which genre you’ve tapped into this time. Folk, dance, drum and bass, acoustic, rock, ambient? You can do them all, I await you sharing. 🙂


    1. Dream Pop 🙂 !!!!!!! so electronica with kinda spacey ethereal vocals 🙂
      Thanks Stu …..
      I will find Out Tomorrow when our first song will come out ……i am working on the second one now ….
      one cool thing is that he can send me ideas and then when i go to the studio – we implement them .
      So it’s Good to be in the same city and be able to create like this 🙂


  4. Oh, he looks like Jen’s Ozzy. He is adorable!! Great song. While it was playing my son came over to snuggle. Which is HUGE! He is autistic and does not speak. He has very distinct taste in music. He gives this one…A HUG!

    Much love ❤ I am so glad you are so happy!!!


    1. awwwwwwwww ………………… I didn’t know RED XXX
      send him all my love xx
      You are such a strong woman x You rock ………
      You really do …….. all my heart xxx>>>> Cat xo

      I am just creating as much as i Can because My heart feels SO happy when I do 🙂
      Soon there will be some music on Itunes …. 🙂
      and for now 🙂 Lots and Lots of Vids – FUN ones ….
      always here for You xo
      always always xx


  5. Ahhhh nice pic, Cat! 🙂 I’m sure you’re having so much fun at the studio.
    Can’t wait to listen to ur songs.
    It’s good to know you’re back!!!!
    Hope November is full of surprises.
    Almost December. Cannot wait. And you know why!



  6. With a positive slant on Yoga I think that I should try some,
    you never know I might even like it? 🙂 lol Okay so I won’t be
    able to do all those intricate positions that your flexible body
    can get into but with practice it could be interesting 🙂

    I am happy that you are back in the studio where you belong,
    and your creativity is always buzzing, and that can only mean
    one thing, that we your friends can look forward to lots of your
    wicked music videos 🙂 Excellent and welcome back Cat 😉

    Andro xxx


          1. hey that is for sure, now go and have
            lots of fun, the night is young my sweet
            and great friend so enjoy every minute 🙂

            Andro xxx


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