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Welcoming Myself back To Blogging

Incredible Year in all respects

I have Not Blogged since February of this year, but it feels like eons have gone by.

This is what’s Being Going on in my world- and Is Going on.

Music is Fantastic
This was the year we spent really focusing on promoting the band and our EP that we finished in January. We were able to launch ourselves into the online indie community with incredible results. Over 40 blogs and podcasts from around the world featured our music this year. Very exciting! In addition we were able to create some great new music and perfect our sound. For the future we’re finishing up the last few songs that will be our second EP and we’re also trying to get more licenses with our music. Ashton sent our songs off to 35 music supervisors this fall and some of them were really favourable about using our stuff.

and Here

So Much has Happened This year and is Happening

Art Wise –
I am So Happy To Say That one of My pieces got Licensed for a book cover
I am Creating At The speed of Sound and am selling my art Now .
View my Digital Art Page To see.

I Have started my Own Video Production business
And Have Created 3 in the last Month For Very Gifted and Talented Women

Joss Burnel

Jacqueline L. Robinson

Melissa Rae Thompson – The Waterwheel Heart

I am so enjoying This as i really gravitate to all that is spiritual
Their personal sites are Listed in their Videos 

If You are Interested in a Video for Your Site, Art or anything else You feel Passionate about,
feel free to contact me in my contact form . My Pricing is very affordable.

I have learned, felt , created so much this year –
And I am Not stopping.
True Fact !

This is a short post,
But …..
I am so Looking forward to many Upcoming projects in 2015.
My World is Constantly expanding
And I have never been as Happy – As I AM Now.

– All Love –
Cat Forsley

27 thoughts on “Welcoming Myself back To Blogging”

  1. Glad things are going well for you hun! 🙂

    I really missed you!!! 🙂

    Keep on rockin’ my friend and God Bless You!!! 🙂

    Love and huge squishy hugs!!! 🙂



  2. Hello beautiful soul……This is the world I pictured for you and the world you belong in….beautiful work and a wonderful future in the place you were meant to be. Glad you’re blogging again…..and you know I wish you lots of love, light, and many new projects coming your way.

    Love, Pam (and Sammy)

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    1. That’s Beautiful 🙂 Nice to see You Too 🙂
      You can contact Jacqueline at Kissing the Sacred – on Facebook – she is a wonderful friend / sister to me and she definitely has a powerful message xxxx
      all love xx C ❤


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