Licensed :) and Onto the Video for Hearts Expire

Degrassi Season 13

Happy Monday ! 

Our Song : HEARTS EXPIRE got into the 13th Episode of the 13th season

Of Degrassi – A Canadian TV show ….!

I will For SURE give notice to You Guys  when it’s going to air. It’s Just The beginning as we are actively seeking more licensing opportunities – In TV and Film ….
Again here is HEARTS EXPIRE !
We Are also shooting The Video for It in the next 10 days
Just Getting everything Ready …..
Completely different concept than
Night and Day …….

Have a wonderful week!

See You soon 

Cat Forsley 




58 thoughts on “Licensed :) and Onto the Video for Hearts Expire

  1. Aquileana says:

    WOW mi divina y hermosa amiga canadiense.

    This is great… Madame Cat Forsley…. Respects.

    I thought this show was on MTV here too…

    Love your great music is also on Tv. … Dreams Do Come True ☆

    But the episode wans´t still released … Or was it?.

    please if you got the exact number of ep , let us know to catch you….

    I am proud of your work and of you.

    Thanks for spreading good vibes, music, peace & LOVE (for sure) wherever go came into spot.

    LY ; CF ; ♥ ☆ 🙂

    Aquileana/Amalia 🙂


    • Cat Forsley says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      episode 13 ……
      and it’s Not out yet xxx
      I will let You know for sure xxxx

      always good vibes ….
      They Travel xx They really do xxx
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Peace Love and Happiness To You Too always and always xo C


  2. dontchawannadream says:

    Hey heyyyy Degrassi?!! As I told you, that’s big news!!!
    I’m so happy for you and Ashton.
    Can’t wait to know a little bit more about your new video clip… 😀
    Love that song so much!!

    Encore félicitations!!


    • Cat Forsley says:

      merci mademoiselle xxxx
      Thank You Sweet Cha xxx
      The Video for Hearts Expire – ahhhh
      so different – Gonna be a more “industrial ” feel
      if that makes sense – ONE COFFEE 🙂 lol
      We have a videographer that has a totally different style and a friend of ashton’s that is in the business – that is helping direct x that’s Good – lol ….
      Cuz i go crazy on camera xxx 🙂 loll
      Love Love Love xx C


  3. Christy Birmingham says:

    AWESOME!!! I loved the show Degrassi as a teenager – I love that the new generations get to watch it and NOW one of my best friends is going to have her music on an episode. Your song is soooo great – I’m glad your talent is being noticed woohooo!!! 🙂 xoxo


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