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Re-igniting Passions : Yoga -Meditation & Absolute Quiet- Cat Forsley ©

Reigniting My Passion for Yoga cat Forsley ©

I had Not done Yoga in soooooooooooo long!

This is feeling Good 

Set up My camera to snap some pics 

so I could see what i look like when my body is peaceful 

Holding Peaceful Thoughts is where I am at .

For As Long as I can 

When I do Yoga – I hold these peaceful thoughts – Not only in Mind 

But in Heart and Body .

There is No Music around Me 

Absolute Quiet 

Just me and my breath and my thoughts 

It’s Bliss 

Really is 

A break from the noise 

A break from Input 

A break from It all

It’s a good reminder 

That Going Into This Place 

is available at all times 

It is Not shutting out The world

It’s the exact opposite 

It’s Tuning Into the world 

On a Deeper Level 

Now It’s becoming a Daily Practice 

I don’t need a mat 

I just Need the floor!

To Keep me Grounded 

Rooted ….


I feel more in tune 

more harmonious 

Here is my favourite Quote these days …..

 “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Gandhi

It’s True

and simple

as most beautiful things are ….

In my Opinion ………

After all That ……

I am such a clear headed Cat !

and Can Go back Into writing with much greater ease ……….

Have a wonderful week ahead !!!!

and a beautiful song To Illustrate the feeling of peacefulness

Björk – Hidden Place (LIVE @ ROYAL OPERA HOUSE)


61 thoughts on “Re-igniting Passions : Yoga -Meditation & Absolute Quiet- Cat Forsley ©”

  1. From the photos it looks like you never lost contact with yoga! Well done! 🙂
    Bjork’s done a very good job on the arrangement for a live show, hasn’t she? [love her work anyway!]
    Peace, silence & tranquility my dear friend Cat!


    1. Thanks M xx
      I guess i haven’t ……….once You learn something – it’s always inside …..:)
      it’s perfect solace …..
      Yes – Bjork is such a wonderful illustrator and arranger
      she has always bedazzled me because she is so childlike 🙂
      Yes To more Yoga and more solace xx
      It’s a wonderful Journey ……xx
      lots of love xoxoxo


    1. Happy Birthday You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo
      🙂 🙂 🙂
      love !!!!!!!!!!!!! and Cake 🙂
      coming over to bring You some 🙂


  2. Loved this post soooo much Cat. I adore yoga — was a yoga queen at one time. As it turns out I was excellent at extreme poses that required hip flexibility because I have abnormally shallow hip sockets which is part of my dilemma now 😦 However you have inspired me to try some of the “strong” asanas again… Warrior – Tree etc. I also went through a time that I was very passionate about Kundalini Yoga – are you familiar? It’s all about moving energy – through breath and rhythmic motion… very powerful. Your photos are stunning. You could be a yoga model no doubt!!
    xxxoo Love to you dear friend ~R


    1. Hey RL XOXO
      I’ve not tried Kundalini Yoga ………
      – Ashtanga – Bkrrham – spelled wrong ! and Hatha ..
      The basic poses – have always loved them ….
      it was just a matter of getting out of my brain enough – U know 🙂
      . Thank You sweet RL …..
      You have inspired me sooooooo much –
      🙂 Yoga model ?
      i dunno about that …lol
      i just love the feeling of non thinking and just being
      you are writing so much these days – i think that’s a beautiful sign
      always in my thoughts xx
      love love love xx


    1. It feels incredibly awesome
      Thank You
      – 🙂
      and totally invigorating ———
      swimming is over for the summer
      🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  3. I use to do Yoga all the time in my younger year. I never should have stopped. Re-starting would be a slow process for me.
    Keep it up and you will always be in a good place….and flexible too.
    Love you, Pumpkin! xoxo


    1. Love You Too Deb 🙂 xx
      I think once you learn something – and you love it
      even if you take a break from doing it – it comes back naturally 🙂


      1. Thanks for that reminder. I had forgot about that. I did Yoga for years on a daily basis. Once I get home this winter I think I’m going to work at getting back into it. I always felt so good in them days!
        Love you, Honey! xoxo


        1. Hey Good evening 🙂
          !!! yeah it feels good 🙂
          keeps me disciplined in thinking too
          Happy weekend xo


    1. Thank You Elizabeth ……
      i had been swimming and walking –
      always always walking xx city life
      swimming is done for summer
      …. Yoga brings me back to the heart
      Happy to have started again xx
      much love to you and yours …..


  4. Wow, you look really ethereal and at peace in the pics. I feel that way when I dance or meditate. 🙂 It’s good to shut things out and listen to what’s inside you.


    1. Thanks Beauty !
      Love that word “Ethereal ”
      i feel like i am in a really amazing away but centred place as i do Yoga 🙂
      Glad You meditate 🙂 and DANCE – rock on sweet K …………:)


  5. I’d rather do yogurt. Well, chocolate, actually. Strangely it doesn’t seem to have the same effect, though.


    1. Yogurt !!!!!!!!!! Close 🙂
      lol 🙂
      thanks Binky …..
      no – unfortunately chocolate – albeit yummy
      does not have the same effects –
      yoga is a tiny bit more peaceful
      chocolate just makes me hyper !
      Have a great Day …..
      I just Imagined wombies doing Yoga ……..
      what a picture ! 🙂
      smiles 🙂


  6. I am looking for inspiration for my wall, and the word Yoga needs to be added as a reminder of the peacefulness i found when i practiced regularly and need to start slowly to do so again. Thank you. Hugs xxxxx


    1. Aww Beverley …..
      You know whom is a good teacher – that You can learn from online – Rodney Yee – That’s How i started a long time ago – I think he is based out of NYC now – not really sure but ….
      all kinds of Yoga – for any stage –
      here is a good example
      and the nature around him …….
      makes it even better 🙂
      Lots of Love – xxx Hugs always
      here is his site
      and a beautiful one – IN NATURE !

      Enjoy ! xx


      1. I believe that when you pray for guidance it comes and some times from the most unexpected places. I think i am already in love with Mr Yee. Thanks Hugs xxxxx


        1. I believe so as well :)big time xx
          i think for me he is the best teacher because of his soothing voice –
          there is nothing harsh about his personality –
          you know how some coaches / teachers / people are like drill sgts …
          he is not !
          I like the calm of the voice ….
          glad he resonates with You
          i finished a really hard session today – used a ton of balancing and releasing stress in hamstrings –
          it’s good to look back at the poses to see progress …..
          🙂 coming over xxx
          Hugs always xo


            1. !!!!!!!!!! Hi B 🙂
              all this beautiful energy huh 🙂
              ! Love You Toooooooooooooooooo xo
              Mr. Yee – pretty cool guy 🙂
              I wrote Him “Thank You ” on twitter and he wrote back …. saying “Thank you ” back 🙂

              BE WHO YOU ARE SWEET B 🙂
              reflecting the message right back at you 🙂
              so glad to have met xo
              hey ? isn”t the world so amazing 🙂 xo
              C xxx
              i have a song i have been meditating on and singing alllllllllllll DAY – coming over with it 🙂
              sending it around – as it is Truly a beauty ! xo
              >>>>>>>> xxx


              1. This world is truly amazing with the good the bad because without the bad we wouldn’t know when we had the good. I am grateful you are my friend you give me courage to get up and do one simple thing.


                1. Awwwwwwwww B
                  Ur sweet xxx
                  I focus on the Good ….. always always always
                  There is so much around – inside – everywhere xx

                  You are courage
                  You are beauty
                  You are strength

                  You are all those things and more 🙂

                  Your inner voice – your heart 🙂
                  It’s always inside that You Know xo
                  Love Love Love xo
                  C xxx


    1. Love You Too Linda
      You can do anything You put your heart to 🙂
      i am sure of it 🙂
      Love You xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
      It’s truly amazing when You believe you can do anything you set Your mind and heart too 🙂
      Tons of love Your way xoxoxo


  7. i would be more inclined to believe that yoga is more geared toward the femme – at least more attracted to it. when my sister would pop into town and stay at my place she would be engaged in that on the floor. i can tell by your pics that your posture appears to be in exact correctness though i’m not an expert in it. your piece certainly has *peaceful* all throughout it. as you say it is to set you up to write with a clear head. that is really what happens when we do have that piece in our heads. it will come out with that ease from the exercise we conduct in the mind. so as i usually do i bring in the two-fold element. have a sweet day cat:))


    1. That’s beautiful Don !
      I think Yoga is for everyone 🙂 man / woman/ child any stage of development – any situation …………
      i don’t think Yoga is masculine nor feminine – IT JUST IS ..:) smiles 🙂
      Peace in our minds yes – Transcends into that of Body/ heart and World ….:)
      You have a sweet day Too 🙂
      🙂 🙂


  8. I have just started Yoga practice, I tried before but found it boring – this time I’m enjoying. I’m not a good meditator so I find my mind wandering during practice. To become Mindful I have to paint or practice martial arts – you have to be focused during training otherwise you get a black eye! I think Bjork has filtered through from another realm, she’s definitely elf like – love her stuff! (She sings of a Hidden Place – there’s a clue right there!!!) 🙂


    1. hah ! Exactly 🙂
      what a lovely response Stu …..
      You just started really ?
      wow ………
      she has very high vibrational music …..
      that’s what i feel ……….

      yeah i don’t use a mat –
      i find it takes away from the feeling of being grounded ……. it’s too soft ……..maybe ?
      and there is a Hidden place – 🙂 in all of our hearts where we can enter that no time / JUST PEACE ….. Place 🙂


    1. ne vous inquiétez pas – il suffit de rester dans le moment
      c’est là que toutes les merveilles qui se passe xo je t’aime Cha Cha xxx
      loving my yoga practice …………… way more centred afterwords ….
      lots of love xoxoxoxo


    1. You do Yoga as well 🙂
      Cool 🙂 so cool 🙂
      with each practice – i think i grow a bit more – inside the heart —– x 🙂 That’s the Goal 🙂
      Best To You always 🙂


  9. Looking Good Cat, Yoga I haven’t done as such, only a few stretching exercises LOL.. I do however practice Qi gong.. and have included just one of the movements I do with visualisation here.. moving Yin and Yang.. you can find more moves posted throughout various other Vids of his.. It healed me loads when I could hardly walk with Fybromyalgia in the onset of the chronic attacks I used to get..

    You look very serene and peaceful Cat.. Good posture and Peaceful Pose.. 🙂 Hugs to you Cat…. 🙂


        1. Yes after awhile in half light if you look at the Ball of energy you create within one of the exercises you can actually see it as well as feel it…Great to share…. and you are doing exactly right you know Cat… 🙂 Follow your Heart!… in ALL things… and it is an amazing Journey… 😀


          1. WOW ………..
            when i do yoga – i feel aligned …like all is in it’s place …………. where it is at the right time and place ……
            even when i fall on my face 🙂
            It’s fun 🙂
            I love It ………
            IT is an amazing Journey ……
            love xo


    1. I know How It healed You 🙂
      I think That is sooooooooooo amazing 🙂 xx
      Hugs To You Sue Sue xxxx
      I am working on this re-ignition of Yoga every day now 🙂
      and i am a bit sore – but it’s the lactic acid and i am ok with that ……….
      feet planted firmly on the ground !!!!!!!!!!


  10. You certainly have all the right moves Cat
    I doubt that I could do any of those poses,
    I mean Yoga exercises 🙂

    Hey you know what I meant 🙂 lol
    Have a lovely rest of evening and
    help yourself to some chocolates 🙂

    I enjoyed the new Wombie Zombie March video
    it was truly wicked, and a bit scary tooooooooo 🙂

    Andro xxx


    1. !!!!!!! 🙂 Andro
      The poses i did today –
      i fell over like 10b times 🙂 lol
      it was super fun …..
      really really into it
      Thank You 🙂
      Yeah The Wombania Vid is spooky !
      i went to comment 🙂
      Loved the music too 🙂
      thx Buddy 🙂


      1. Hey you’re welcome and its great to see you
        adding all your wondrously fine postings again
        I haven’t been on here much, I have added a
        few posts but not been visiting many Spaces 😦

        I will make more of an
        effort from now on though 🙂

        Andro xxx


        1. Thank You 🙂
          Yes i will come and see what You’ve been up too soon ……. 🙂 🙂 🙂
          It’s almost Halloween ! 🙂 well close 🙂
          Fun 🙂


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