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May Love Cat Forsley ©

So what happens when you tell Yourself You're not going to write until the new year ..... Well , with me - "what i resist persists " - it always does .... Carl Jung was right ! I woke Up with a heart about to burst with words and images and music ..... A Poem… Continue reading May Love Cat Forsley ©

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Last Video for the summer ! Cat Forsley ©

What an incredible summer  in all ways  not one way  but all ways  when you love what You do with all your heart  and all parts of life are supposed to be the way they are there is no resistance nor is there is any miscommunication   when all is simplified  and you follow your… Continue reading Last Video for the summer ! Cat Forsley ©

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Pink Cloud Days by Cat Forsley ©

PInk Cloud Days Restfulness Deep Resonance Of Actions before hand That Have made No Difference In your life thus Far The Soft Gauze That Envelops the Heart of the Matter The Gentleness and Tranquility emoting that a new phase is Coming .... Not Like The big bangs You are used to . But slowly -with… Continue reading Pink Cloud Days by Cat Forsley ©