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The New Dreamers- Prose

The New Dreamers


The New Dreamers


The New Days are all about adapt and adjust.

Over and Over again.

To find the rainbows, Tilt your head to the sky and unveil your eyes.

Keep your eyes there and focus

Everything has changed but the vast beauty of the limitless sky has not

If You keep walking your personal path, You will keep Impassioned.

If you try and slide into a new incarnation and don’t stay you – you: my babe will trip up

Don’t lose sleep over words that don’t belong in your soul


Belong to Your Own soul – You know what that means

Optimism has never seemed so radical

Utopian dreamers – stay wrapped in the diaphanous light that has always been Yours

Carry the Love and don’t let it go

Adapt and Adjust

But stay fixed in The love you see

The Love you broadcast freely

I know the dreamers

They dwindle in numbers these days

But I know Them

Less in Number but Brighter in energy transmission


Stay true to Your path ……

Belong to Your own soul


cat forsley ©

August 2020





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