100 Days of Love (Audio book Review)

This is Beautiful , Thank You Stuart Young ! Yesterday the reviews for my audio book “100 Days of Love ” Started rolling in gently like the most wonderful wave …. Mega Gratitude …. Like MEGA ! Two amazing Hearts from The UK rippled over beautiful words across the Ocean ….. To My heart ……….http://www.amazon.co.uk/100-Days-of-Love-Explicit/dp/B00GHLXWN8/ref=cm_rdp_product ….. Michelle Lewis from “My Three Moggies” and Stuart’s beautiful blog post as well ……. read on ………..
In Gratitude and Passion xx
Cat Forsley

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When weโ€™re in the thows of new love we find ourselves falling head first into the naive, the romantic, the all encompassing that is the other.

100 Days of Love by Cat Forsley takes us back to those heady days. She reminds us of the poetry that overflows our hearts and our lips. The euphoria transforms our state of mind, our state of being into one of awe and wonder.

Catโ€™s metaphysical prose explores the divine feminine and the rooted masculine in such beauty that I was taken away to a place of imagination. She puts into words what most can only feel.

The fragility of โ€˜This Tiny Daisyโ€™, the vulnerability of โ€˜We Had a Circle of Yearningโ€™ and the compulsion of โ€˜Inner Spaceโ€™ set the stage for the deepening relationship that follows the initial touch.

โ€˜No Timeโ€™ expresses Catโ€™s ownโ€ฆ

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12 thoughts on “100 Days of Love (Audio book Review)”

  1. Wonderful review Cat! I just did one on Amazon.com – hopefully it will “appear” soon. I’m so proud to have your audio book in my collection of things to revisit over and over.

    Hugs, Pam


  2. Wonderful Cat. But then how would youR review be anything other than brilliant. Your poetry has always been so full of love. It is written from your Heart to Our Hearts. How can it not be filled with LOVE.
    So too your voice melts the Heart as you speak your words with such Passion.
    Congratulations Cat
    Well done you deserve every success
    Love to you
    Sue x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x mega hugs X


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