Pink Cloud Days by Cat Forsley ©

Pink Cloud Days

PInk Cloud Days


Deep Resonance

Of Actions before hand

That Have made No Difference In your life thus Far

The Soft Gauze That Envelops the Heart of the Matter

The Gentleness and Tranquility emoting that a new phase is Coming ….

Not Like The big bangs You are used to .

But slowly -with a Languorous manner

and a  whisper .

Hands That Speak Miracles

And Eyes That Touch Your skin

Not With Fire – But with Breathlessness

A Pink Cloud Carries You out of here

Not a Blue One .

For Once – Not a Blue One .

Speech Bubbles above- spoken from every cloud

And You see exactly what The Cloud Says .

But are more Fascinated by the Trail of Pink It leaves in the Sky ….

The Cloud Travels slowly – Where as You are used to the clouds that Travel

Super High speed

Like They are On a Highway all of  Their Own

Going somewhere all Too important .

These clouds do Not .

They slow down and start Up .

Again and Again .

And You Imagine  Each cloud has a Heart of their Own .

Pink cloud Days .

Where The Mind Travels where it wants to go

With Sensuality

With Spring

By Cat Forsley ©