What a Week Of Lovely surprises !!!!

What a week you guys ! So Grateful ...... Thank You for all the wonderful review of 100 Days Of LoveΒ  From Across The Globe = wow ....UK , Canada (home) and The States ......so far πŸ˜‰ another WOW. Now I am exhausted .. Good exhausted ..... Here is One more beautiful review from Pamela … Continue reading What a Week Of Lovely surprises !!!!


Interview with Cat Forsley, Author of 100 Days of Love

Wow Universe …..Hello πŸ™‚ More Beauty and Gratitude !!!!!!!! In absolute Awe of everything today – well everyday – (In Truth) …..

(Today) Well Β There is something so different about today ………
Thank You To Christy Birmingham , poet and author – if you click the link you can see her wonderful book !!!!!!!!

Thank You for this wonderful interview …………..

Immense Gratitude …
Cat Forsley

Poetic Parfait

This book, this book, I’m excited to talk about this audiobook!

100 Days of Love is a beautiful compilation of spoken poetry, by Cat Forsley. Can you say, β€œA breath of fresh air”? I can, do, love it!

I recently won a copy of this book (how cool!) and could not wait to interview Cat about her audiobook. It is 40 minutes of beautiful poetry. I played it on my computer and enjoyed this soothing collection of romance; it focuses on sweet ties between one man and one woman. I felt my soul elevate as I enjoyed the artistic words.

Of course, what else would I expect but beautiful words and enchanting voice from talented Toronto-based musician Cat Forsley? If you don’t follow her work, she is the lead singer in the band Β As The City Rumbles Underneath.Β Now that the introductions are complete…

Here is my Interview with…

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winners of my audio book give away – :) and happy weekend – Cat Forsley

I was Gonna post this on The 11th But It's Remembrance Day on Monday ! A Day of Silence in Respect . So Here are The winners - ( Thank You for all the beautiful entries Β ) All Really Lovely ... Here are The quote cards i picked with lines from my book From Pam … Continue reading winners of my audio book give away – πŸ™‚ and happy weekend – Cat Forsley

C is For Circle – A poetic Collaboration – Christy Birmingham and Cat Forsley

Happy Sunday ..... !Β  i have never done a poetic collaboration before Β - Christy Birmingham and I have been talking about doing this for about a week Now - Beautiful To Write together - Very Fluid - Very Candid and Childlike .. She is a Great writer and Heart - and This was so much … Continue reading C is For Circle – A poetic Collaboration – Christy Birmingham and Cat Forsley