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Adore ✨

I used to write countless poems for others in hopes of reaching or creating a wave.

A wave that could reach a shore or two…

I realize That the most important shore is my own.

Call it what You will.

Call it Self Love – ultimately over used as a phrase these days.

Reach down deep.


Adore Your own shore first

The world with arrows of information

Ricocheting and bouncing off every possible medium

Is it possible as an empath to soften their blows? – I ask myself that question every day.

The answer is No. If You are mapped out as a highly sensitive person you will always – Always feel them at a heightened level, speed and frequency. This is our World but How we internalize it is an intensely personal journey.

The landscape of my heart is finally my own.



So Hold onto your own shore

Adore the Wave

and the next one

and see your own landscape

(come to life)

and BE the piece of art you are

And have been since Day 1


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