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Keep Softness in Your Heart 💛

Keep softness in Your Heart

Remember to remember

Don’t forget to remember.

You heart is your temple and can see you through the everything

The everything is LOVE

See it like childhood did

Bring it to the present

The inner child sees wonder in the all

The Love in every corner of our Universe

The prismatic watercolour dreams of yours are Yours

Don’t Forget to Remember

Crumpled paper – stretched out painting in the grass

You are all You need

You are all You need

Because You are Love and Loved


Centre Yourself but let the sky Guide you

Don’t Forget to remember

You Paint with Your Heart

No constriction

You See with Your heart

With Conviction

Open the New Year and let your heart pour out

Remember to Remember

Cat Forsley ©

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    1. awwwwwww ❤ ❤ thank YOU xoxoxoxxoxoxo so Inspired xxxx i write mostly on beauty and style but I AM INSPIRED TO the max to be here more xo


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