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The Only Magic I believe In …

I had some time to Paint and Play with another beautiful flower photo I took Last summer – No flowers here Yet. A quiet morning to reflect – Love it! –

The Only Magic I believe in Is love Cat Forsley©
The Only Magic I believe in Is love Cat Forsley©

Time To reflect – important to me always – and a rare thing – I just want to Throw a heart boomerang out To some of my Favourite artists/ writers/ Bloggers With some beautiful music .One of my fave songs ever! (maybe because of the white doves and bunnies)  That’s all …..






Have a beautiful rest of the week xx

all love Cat Forsley xx

38 thoughts on “The Only Magic I believe In …”

  1. Hi, my sweet friend. Sending you love love love and a big hug.
    We agree totally on that kind of magic. Silent creativity…
    That heart boomerang is coming back at you tenfold!
    mouah xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  2. I love the flowers, Cat … are they sunflowers, maybe…
    Thanks for the mention!!!!… So sweet!…
    BTW, I also believe in Magic, so I am flying away with my carpet right now 😀 Big Hugs. Aquileana ⭐

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    1. ❤ I told you we would “chat” this week ……
      heheh ❤
      i have no idea what kind of flowers they are
      You tell me 🙂 this is the photo from the summer
      hot flowers
      I just wanted to send out a little magic/ love
      feels good ❤
      Big hugs xxxxx

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      1. Well we are talking right now… Wow it is magical 😎
        I’d say there are blurry sunflowers… But it is up your each other’s imagination! ❤
        Big hugs from BA! Aquileana ⭐

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          1. I am now thinking of a song by The Cranberries (just my imagination)… I am hearing it right now. A quite naive song … LOL … Much love, dear canadian friend! Aquileana 😀

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              1. To be honest, I’m still trying to figure twitter out, LOL. It’s like this code I’m trying to crack. It’s the one thing that makes me feel my age. :o)


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