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Bringing on Spring

My beautiful friend from France painted my Chihuahua yesterday- OMG – I just Love her sketches – Cha has a heart of Gold.  Here he is! 

And You can Visit her on Her Facebook page and her website  For More. 

I made her something – because (kindness is like a boomerang) It travels …..

This is from a Photo I took last summer  – Art wise – this is my favourite thing these days: Turning Photos into paintings. 

L'amour en rose Pour Cha  Cat Forsley ©
L’amour en rose Pour Cha
Cat Forsley ©

Love in Pink .

Enjoy Cha cha and Thank You- Big Hugs.

I am Mostly on my other site these days- beauty blogging is FUNNN

and doing some modeling 

So Yes – Spring is mega in the air – No flip flops Yet 

(ha) But everything has melted and spring skies are so very beautiful.

All Love xo

Cat Forsley

18 thoughts on “Bringing on Spring”

  1. Delightful pix of the roses – (ad agencies should be scrambling – it would be perfect for perfume promos or greeting card for Mother’s Day.)
    We went straight from winter to summer: flip flops and digging out the shorts. Springs on the way – the duck flocks are moving out and over.
    Thanks for the smiles

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  2. What a lovely sketch of your chihuahua Cat 🙂 And your roses painting is beautiful! It’s great to witness such talented artists and I find it both inspiring and uplifting at the same time. I found myself a nice drop of stout to drink for St Patrick’s Day and hope you had a good one too ❤

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