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Music & Everything news – Happy New year !

I have NOT written here for over a month …….

Yikes !

Hope You Guys had a wonderful Holiday season ….

I sure did …….. very Bright and beautiful days.

Musically – Things took a little swerve .

Ashton , My producer fell Ill and the videos we were supposed to do:

Well we couldn’t .

He is Fine Now . 

We Will do The videos once the weather is BETTER .

Then There was an Ice storm that Took power out across Ontario – 

It was pretty crazy .

But Christmas was BEYOUTIFUL .

My Family Came up from Ottawa ….

And we all had a mega get together for 3 days . 

Wonderful fun.

So back To Music and Creative stuff ….

The Only video that Got done 

was a little end of the year montage ………..

Of “Said and Done ” – (Naked)

More news , 

I am now an assistant Booker , at Morph Productions .

I book Talent , Voices and bands at the studio

You Can Refer To my about.me page 

or my linkedin for details .

Fun News ….!!!!!!!!!!!

As The City Rumbles Underneath        Flowers From The Stars
As The City Rumbles Underneath
Flowers From The Stars

I Finished The Artwork yesterday for our new EP . 

It will be available everywhere in about a week !

Many songs not heard before – not shared yet – so -excited Cat .

I have started on My 2nd audio Book

It will be a sister book to “100 Days of Love ” 

By Sister I mean :Will Go well with the other .

I am fiercely working on my Yoga practice …

and am starting to do Artsy Photo-Shoots again ,

At The end of This Month …

My First shoot This Month will be with 


I Just Cannot take the Fashion and fun out of myself ……



I have about 100 Goals for 2014!!!!

And I am Going to plough through them one by one .



brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! arctic Cat
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !
arctic Cat

ps – I am learning bass ….. i can play it electronically


this makes me go full on rocker Cat

My Heart Goes Happy Crazy …….

“Done , Done …. onto the next one ……” Foo Fighters

Sooooooooooooooooo Many Goals and Things to achieve ………..

Happy New Year .

So see You when The EP is Upppppppppp!

Cat Forsley 


33 thoughts on “Music & Everything news – Happy New year !”

  1. Very nice video Cat! Glad to see you back…I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season too…still too cold here though!!! Have a great week…big hugs, Delvi.


  2. I’m glad Ashton is OK again: I’ve been ill myself and had to remain in quarantine because Becky had a baby boy just before Christmas called Vincent, so I had to miss Christmas! 🙂

    Glad the music is coming along hun – Best wishes and hugs for you and your career!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



  3. Dear Cat…

    It s been a while… Thumbs up for all the new goals & for the new job…

    Sorry about the icy storm & above all that you guys couldn´t get the videos done…

    Well, after all It is not so relevant… Time will say…

    I really hope you have started an awesome year ! 😉 …

    Still miss you but I am absolutely happy to know you are doing super & with all these new things ideas, new book & learnings ahead…

    I wish the Very best for 2014. xo!!!

    Your friend from Argentina, Aquileana 😉


    1. ❤ less time to chat , u know what I mean xxx new Year – a million things to do 🙂
      Not all at once x But one by one – which is very satisfying 🙂
      i wish You Miss Argentina the very same for 2014 …………….
      and thank You for the shares in music etc 🙂
      means a TON XO C


  4. Félicitations, c’est beau de voir des gens sont positifs et qui ont des projets plein la tête; je vous souhaite toutes les chances possibles pour aller au bout de vos rêves, mes amitiés 🙂


  5. Its all beautiful darling 🙂 x i wish all the best for the next year and hopefully this is the year that things finally explode for you Miss C loves xxxx


  6. Love the video dear Cat and the artwork for the EP is so stunning….I just love the softness of the colors and design…..it sounds like you are truly going to have a magical new year. You deserve every minute of success you’ve had and that is to come. Very excited about the assistant booking position – you’ll do so well with that. Here’s to HUGE successes this year – along with a healthy heaping of love and fun.

    Hugs, Pam (and magictoes)


  7. Sorry to hear Ashton was ill. Glad he’s on the mend and you can plan video shoots. 🙂 Congrats on being a booker. Awesome that you got the holiday with family.


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