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A Musical Thank You from my band : As The City Rumbles Underneath

Said and Done (Naked) - As The City Rumbles Underneath  Art Ashton Price ©
Said and Done (Naked) – As The City Rumbles Underneath
Art Ashton Price ©

So , amongst the wonder of creativity, singing and sharing- my producer / co writer Ashton Price and I wanted to Thank You Guys For sharing our music all around the world = It means a lot .

Wait to see what happens in 2014 – !!!!!!

we have some videos coming up in December .

I thought there was 1 , now there are 2 !

So I am gearing up for the busiest month of 2013 .

We deconstructed one of our songs and made in Raw ….

And we are giving away this Version of  Said and Done 

through SoundCloud –

where it says DOWNLOAD 🙂 xx smiles x

We like to think our band has a great sound/production but at the heart of it we are songwriters and love writing music and lyrics. We thought it would be fun to redo one of our songs stripped down with just piano and vocals to showcase the song itself. If we get a good response we may do some our other songs like this. Hope you enjoy!

Cat Forsley & Ashton Price 

and please do visit Cha ….

Her art will amaze you = her new video is Up , and …yes Cat – Take a breath !……….smiles :)-

Marina  has a Passion Feature  coming up on the First of December .

yes ……..breathing .

Happy Thanksgiving time to all .

In Canada we celebrate in October – But no matter –

Thank You is still one of the most beautiful expressions ever .

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY – all the vocals and music = DONE !

now time for Videos and My audio book stuff = MORE …..!


EnJoy .

Cat Forsley

68 thoughts on “A Musical Thank You from my band : As The City Rumbles Underneath”

          1. OK…now I send you warm huds…it’s nice inside so I’M sending these to replace the other ones! Lol! Every sharing of Cat’s work and yours is a pleasure my friend!


  1. Just beautiful……I love it “stripped down to the basics”…..although it’s such a great song it matters now HOW it’s done….it’s super all ways. You guys are SO talented.

    Love, Pam


    1. Thank You Pam and SAMMY (angel toes) x
      ❤ ❤ ❤
      The animal video by Shell is so beautiful 🙂 x
      you guys so know how to celebrate xx
      now sammy , i hope you downloaded the song – 🙂
      Love , Cat xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoox


  2. Oh, my dear dear Cat that is a B E A U T I F U L [naked] version!!! 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations to both of you. Beautiful work!!!!!! 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of this creatively full week and … mouah!!!!! 😉


      1. Hello there CF…

        I absolutely like the unplugged version…

        As I have told the lyrics on this song are unbelievable, so beautiful & profound…

        So I think it was a great idea to slow it a bit with the piano and so on…

        Very nice ! Happy weekend;

        xoxo, Aquileana 😉


        1. Thank You sweet miss Argentina xxx
          i am making a lyric video for it xxxxx
          with pictures from our band’s stuff 🙂
          should be uppppppp on Monday x
          i saw your beautiful work at Maxima’s x
          WOW WOW WOW XXXX
          WRITE ON XO C


          1. Great I will be checking out your blog by then… Sounds great …
            Thanks for the encourgament, doll.
            I really appreciate it (and YOU!!!).

            Sending love, Aquileana 😉


            1. anytime , i feel the same about You xo
              Good morning xo xo xo
              ❤ Marina has her passion feature coming right up xxx
              and then back to work x
              You should publish something in your native language miss argentina xxx
              you Are really gifted xo xo mUAH X


              1. Happy sundya honey bee… Wel…l who knows not in my plans right now and yetI do take your words as a compliment. Thanks ! … Love & best wishes for you Cat,

                Aquileana 😉


    1. ART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      where have YOU BEEN ?
      have missed You 🙂
      like crazy xxxxxx
      ❤ i am No diva xx That I promise You xxxx
      love and Happy holidays xxx C


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