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Almost the end of the YEAR ! What ? !!!!!!!

So it hit me – A few days ago …

It’s almost the end of 2013 …….

Oh My Goodness !

And Then I reflected and went WOW …..

And Then I looked at The Present

and said WOW WOW WOW!

How much has been accomplished in a YEAR

That was my reflection .

Musically – In The best place Ever .

My Audio book – OH MY GOODNESS – what a great response – Thank You !

Was In The studio yesterday and again on Friday .

2 More songs will be done before the year ends !

What day is It > SMILES 🙂

My Band has One more Video to film before 2014.

the remix of I AM YOU ARE

Just read the Treatment for the video and I am Beyond excited ….

So There are tons and tons of things to do, create, arrange before the end of the year …..

Less Blogging – More DOING !

I am Starting a new program of Mixed Martial Arts today …..

This Cat has another Goal = YES ……

Black Belt !


Cha has a new Video – YAY Cha ! that i have created for her – coming up on the 26th of this month .

Click on her name 🙂

and i am sure it will be on her site a few days after (wonderful artist)

Marina has a Passion Feature coming up December 1st

click click …!

So Yeah …… and some silly pics from Yesterday ……

me :)

silly in the studio ....
silly in the studio ….

me :)

and to be TOTALLY GOOFY …….


yeah i know .... Goofy ....:)
yeah i know …. Goofy ….:)

This has been the VERY best year thus far in my life …..

and well , 2014 is gonna rock even  harder …..

I just Know it …..

You know when You just Know !

So See You Guys when stuff is DONE ……

and a little WAKE UP music ….


Empathy- Crystal Castles

and a QUOTE I LOVE ……

about DOING ….

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
Walt Disney

Cat Forsley





75 thoughts on “Almost the end of the YEAR ! What ? !!!!!!!”

  1. Kitty Cat, I could listen to this song all day long!
    I love that quote – Disney was quite the Renaissance Man, and I can see how you would dig those words.
    Cheers to 2013 & OMG Buckle Up, here comes 2014!


  2. And Life can only get BETTER! the only way is UP! or maybe a kick box! wax on wax off! hehe…..
    Enjoy Cat.. Love your news, and big Goofy! lol not.. smiles… Mega Hugs xoxox always a friend Sue xoxox


  3. very good song listened to it on full volume even woke up Jasper (cat) hehe but he’ll get over it, he’s a lazy cat 🙂 good luck with everything love Miss B xxx


  4. Congrats on a wonderful, progressive year, Cat! Love your photos and wishing you all the happiness and success in 2014, too! Oh, and goofy is GREAT! Love the quote, also! Big Hugs! ♥ xoxo


      1. I need hugs today, Cat, so thank you! 🙂 And thanks about my book! It sure has been a busy year with so many of us taking the big step! Very exciting! Big Hugs back and have a lovely evening, too! xoxoxo


        1. YOU NEED HUGS ?
          well i am sending 20000000000000000 of them x
          Tons of little steps right ? xo xo xo xo 🙂
          they all add up to big beautiful moves in life xo


  5. What a wonderful, WONDERFUL year you have had. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Time to BRING ON THE NIP!



  6. Gorgeous!!! Love these pics, Cat.
    Can’t believe it’s the end of the year already… TIME FLIES. Twas a good year, a very creative one. Can’t wait for the new video… I’ll get to discover it, pretty much just like everyone else. 😀 thanks a lot for taking the time to create a special song for it.. and to make the video!!! that’s HUGE!
    Biiiig hugs to youuuuu. merci encore!


    1. MY PLEASURE CHA CHA ………………

      amazing year huh ? x 🙂 just thinking of all the art YOU MADE 🙂
      i will send You the link on Tuesday morning x AND TADA XO
      MUAH XO C


  7. Talk about a fruitful and very creative year sweet C!!!! How wonderful is this! 🙂 🙂 xxxxxxx 🙂 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love the pics!!! Mixed martial arts… wow!!!! 🙂 xxxxxxxx


    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ it's Good to reflect huh ?
      i think so – gets the Motor going for new stuff xo xo xo xo xo xo
      Your Passion Feature will be upppppp on Dec 1 xxx
      and then – OMG – 24 days tll Christmas x and then ……….. 2014 ………
      Thank You beautiful M XO XO XO XO


    1. !!!! LOVE YOU TOO 🙂
      resolution for 2014 – 1 … be more silly 🙂
      x 🙂 lol xxx
      ❤ love you beauty – CB -POETIC PARFAIT XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO


  8. You’ve had a GREAT year and there’s nothing but blue skies and an even BETTER year ahead Cat…..so proud of you….so happy for you….so excited for you….

    Hugs, Pam


  9. Cat right, Time passes by…. And how quickly it does… Congrats on all the goals you have reached this year… Amazing !

    I am happy for you. the pictures are cool i like the one of the Cat / Rocky/ Forsley who is next to punch you in the face… (well not seriously).

    Much love & all the best for tomorrow, xoxo

    Aquileana 🙂


    1. ROCKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ❤ How cute are YOU !!!!! CUTE 🙂 🙂 🙂 XO
      Seriously feels so wonderfully overwhelming 🙂
      where did all the time go ?
      thanks for the beautiful review Miss Argentina x and your sweetness, and your candour and your #curatorofCOOLNESS XO XO XO ❤


      1. oh thanks hon… you are gorgeous 😉 🙂 Rocky Cat!!!

        Good look for tomorrow with the lalala stuff… Just wondering if you know this song it is a little bit silly but i like it tough:

        Love!!! Aquileana 😉 ❤


          1. Okay… sorry about that…

            Anyway, I know now that you liked it as I have already read it in a further comment… Catching up here with you ;)…Lalalala nanana

            Love to the Brightest Star, Aquileana 🙂


            1. hey lovely miss argentina xxxxx ❤ yeah that song was adorable xxxxxx ❤ ❤
              Catching up always = me 🙂 lol
              there is a tiny layer of snow here xxxx
              i love it xo
              makes everything sweet and cozy – almost Christmas xxxx
              love love love – Happy weekend xxxx ❤ ❤ ❤
              and Thanks again for that beautiful review xo
              🙂 XO


              1. Hi there sweetie…

                Oh, really it is snowing…

                It is super stodgy and hot here (we are close to summer, almost a month since now)…

                Sorry if yesterday I was a little bit hyper, as I told you, was pretty hormonal and so tired…

                But I am back to life now … #Yay

                Thousand hugs & much love to YOU,

                Aquileana 🙂


  10. If 2013 was the year! Just wait until you see what 2014 has in store for you – best wishes and congratulations on managing through the chaos and grabbing sweet rewards!


  11. LOVE the Disney quote AND I totally understand, getting things done means you can launch from your blog and onto current horizons, I totally understand! 😀 Love the poses! And photos!!


    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      you know that rush at the end of the year …..:)
      it's awesome xxxxxxx
      It's Like wrapping a big beautiful gift upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp 🙂
      ❤ ❤ ❤
      sweetness always xo C


      1. Hi there C…

        Well maybe both (hormanal & expresive & last but not least: worth noting: I am an scorpion too… Be aware my lass!

        (You are acquarius right?)…

        Look the song I´ve found. Love it… Have you seen the movie “Submarine”?… I haven´t but heard it is a good one…

        Love to the brightest star ever … Aquileana 😉


        1. Scorpios are awesome xxx 🙂
          yes i am aquarius xxxx
          Triple aquarius – sun moon and venus in aquarius …
          THAT’S A LOT of aquarius x LOL

          beautiful xxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxo
          i haven’t seen the film no xxx
          but will check it out
          i saw Catching Fire …..
          was Good xo xo xo
          LOVE LOVE XX


          1. Oh yes that´s the age of acquarius… Like that silly movie I think the soundtrack is taken for “Hair”…

            LOL Are you giggling. Better that way 😉 Sorry that was so CORNY !!! …

            Love U, Aquileana 😉


              1. Good to hear that.

                Thanks for listening to me … I am glad to know you are a REAL friend.

                In this sense, yesterday´s chat was the most accurate test. Really you mean a lot to me…
                TY Cat xoxo Aquileana 😉


                1. ❤ listening = yes xxxx ❤ and YOU X the same xo
                  love love love xxxxx
                  am just finishing up Cha's video …:)
                  so in my headphones xxx
                  sending hugs xxxxxxx ❤


                    1. #hellokittyinheadphones #usinghashtagslikecrazy
                      she will have it on her blog tomorrow i think xxxx
                      not sure xo but it will be floating around xo
                      #lovealways xxxxx
                      #almostdone LOL


                    2. #LOL #FUNNY #CUTE …

                      I have added some Cha´s pins to our social media Dashboard… She is good ah?. And besides she has latin roots for what she told me, so she must have a cool warm heart as all we latins do !!!. “Exceptionally” you can come across anglos with huge hearts like yours 🙂 XX TTYS ! Aquileana 😉


                    3. #lolololol
                      #yessheis! #averywarmheart!!!!!!!!!!
                      #youaresofunny xo
                      #myheartisfrench x i don’t think there is any anglo in me ……..except in language x but i Think in French still ….
                      i dunno why ?
                      #crazycatlove xo


                    4. Tout a fait tu pourrais être française.. Surely you could be french enlightened, cool & open minded… All fits you in the french shape.
                      Je suis d´accord avec toi 😉 … Bisous; Ohlala L´Amour et La vie en Rose; Aquileana 🙂


                    5. La Vie en rose pour toujours xxx

                      mes parents sont nés en Montrreal
                      et je suis allé à un licee international à Hong Kong, où je parlais français (til) 9 ans. Après que j’ai appris l’anglais xx

                      cha’s video is DONE XO
                      i just need to upload it xxx
                      ❤ now i need to eat xo MUAH


                    6. Japanese!!!… what about german… ?… I love it but is is too hard… there are 4 declensions in german so a word changes whther if it is use in nominative, accusative, genitive , dative… etc, etc
                      I learnt a little bit of german … It is the language of philosophy would love to learn more… well who knows maye one of these days I´ll take lessons

                      Much love beauty / viel Liebe liebling ,

                      Aquileana 😉


      1. De rien mon ma chérie amie. Bonne nuit et merci pour avoir bavardé avec moi pendant l´après midi… C´était drôle…

        PS: ´ ve found the movie “Submarine”… I am adding the link here just in case, but hang on till I watch tomorrow & then I tell you if it is worth it.
        Rest well C… xo, Aquileana 🙂


          1. Howdy Cat …

            I ´ve been offline today… well sort of… How was your day… It is raining heavily here and all sems to “drop by” as raindrops… (a kind of quite slowly flow…)…

            I must check out if the video is on line … will do that in a while…

            Much love, Aquileana 😉


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