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What a Week Of Lovely surprises !!!!

What a week you guys !

So Grateful ……

Thank You for all the wonderful review of 100 Days Of Love 

From Across The Globe = wow ….UK , Canada (home) and The States ……so far 😉 another WOW.

Now I am exhausted .. Good exhausted …..

Here is One more beautiful review from Pamela Kimmell 

She is an author and artist and has an AMAZINGLY beautiful Cat Named Sammy ..

I have fallen in love with Him ……….

Here he is …

Thank You Pam and Sammy !  Click On the image to read Her Video :)
Thank You Pam and Sammy !
Click On the image to read Her Review of my audio book

If You click On Pamela’s name – in blue – above You can get to ONE of her blogs 🙂

Also , My band has a new Little Q & A up ..

We Filmed it a few weeks ago ……before Hearts Expire was aired On Degrassi .

if You click on Degrassi – you can watch the episode in Canada

and Maybe the US – not sure …..

We have a new Twitter account as well

and You can find us on Reverbnation and Soundcloud 

and This is Our YouTube  channel

so many Links …I know 🙂 smiles 🙂

SO much Good stuff , I can hardly keep up ……


I am Uppp for all things amazing ,

that allow me to be Creative and Expressive:

Always have been , Always will I be !

So Thank You For The Reviews on My audio Book

and The beautiful Interviews and Shares from friends …

I truly appreciate it ………

Wishing You a beautiful weekend

and see You soon !






Cat Forsley


43 thoughts on “What a Week Of Lovely surprises !!!!”

  1. How much do I love this video!! Very cool to have it in the woods and so casual/fun/happy. What a great band, great conversation, and woohooooo so much success!!! ❤ xoxox Cheering you on allllll the way, Cat!


    1. Thank You Sweet C xxxx

      From one Canadian to another – 🙂
      beautiful colours of Fall huh xxx
      Thank You for the cheering xo lol
      i Can hear it from HERE and i sooooooo appreciate it xxxxxx
      Thanks again for THE GORGEOUS interview xo xo xo


  2. Hello Cat / Bright Star…

    Wow, congratulations on all your achievements…

    Let´s go by steps. First of all; the video. I absolutely enjoyed it… What a beautiful place… And you are kind of such a character my friend. I giggle with you and adore your witty sense of humour…

    I will spread out the video, that´s for sure…

    Regarding the reviews, well you deserve the acknowledgement… Youy, bright Star… Your poetry is so genuine, it flows throughout your soft voice… It is hard to write poems about love without falling in common places, vieux cliclés and corny images…

    Your poetry is so beyond all that. It is made of feelings that become writen- spoken words. It is as special and genuine as you are

    Well you avoid all that with an spontaneous -flowing -reading… Like a river… going back and forth once and again, towards the same joint where everything connects at the everlasting now…

    Those last days which are in fact the same ones that the early days.

    All is then now, there but here… #allLoveCat: Cat´s flowing river.

    Everlasting joy & love, Aquileana 😉


    1. Aquileana xxxxxxxxxx ! Hello Miss #curatorofcool 🙂
      what a beautiful response xxx
      “Those last days which are in fact the same ones that the early days.” You
      You got it xxxxx
      ❤ ❤ ❤ all about being a happy kid – Inside the heart xo 🙂 xxxx
      I know you have listened to my book x
      🙂 and love love how you totally get the journey ……..
      From childlike – to adult – back to child and then integration ……

      So thank You miss Argentina xx
      You are The Bright star x
      and yes to rivers xxx
      all is transient , all moves …..xxxx
      looking forward To "Rouge " today xxx
      gonna watch this afternoon …………….. Gonna MAKE TIME 🙂
      for You xxx
      Love love xx C

      Peter Gabriel – "Growing Up Live" – (Complete)


      1. awww. lovely words from you too….

        Yes it is a perfect circular trip don´t you think… Good that you tell me about the integration / Panta Rei; all is one) because i had missed it and thought it was a growth and then a flashback: “return to innocence” (like the song remember?)…

        Oh beautiful Peter´s concert. I´ve posted it at Pinterest LOVE IT, he is awesome…

        Neverending flowing river which leads here to everlasting love…

        Xoxo, ILY CF & happy sunday ;

        Aquileana 😉


        1. Hi You 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 yes to Peter Gabriel EVERYTHING 🙂
          what a soul on that man xxxxx
          🙂 so beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxx
          You spread love and smiles wherever you GO 🙂
          That is BEYOUTIFUL 🙂
          XO XO XO XO
          For You xo


          1. Love that classic sign…

            And besides so shinny …
            It totally caught my attention, (#boom)… !!!

            Regarding Kieslowski or any other good european film you tell when you want a suggestion and I´ll try to pick up a good one for you…

            Viel Glück for tomorrow as if I am not mistaken here you are recording a new or something like that, right???…

            Well then make it work, just the way you always do…

            Love to CF from Aquileana ❤ 😉 (sleep well)


            1. YES
              You can always mail me suggestions xx
              ❤ you have awesome movie taste – so 🙂 xxxxxxx
              Yes today i am at the studio ….
              so much stuff to get done before the end of 2013 – you know ? xxx
              What a Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              best Year ever so Far , 🙂 xxx

              2014 is gonna be even more amazing 🙂 I have a feeling 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!
              Have a great DAY xxxxx
              i am off in a few xxxx
              here is a song that is NOT new but stuck in my head 🙂 lol
              xox xo xo xo xo
              LA LA LA


  3. Oh how sweet…..I love that particular picture of Sam and you know he adores you just like I do! Happy to do the review – it’s a beautiful collection of “you”…..

    Big Hugs and thanks for the mention dear girl……………….
    Pam (and Sammytoes)


    1. Sammy In Salmon 🙂 lol

      Thank You for the beautiful review – it's so eloquently written – sign of a writer = YOU XXX
      🙂 Love to the SAMMY TOES of Magical Love
      tell him i will TEXT HIM laster – aha !
      and again Thank You xo
      C xo


    1. You Too beautiful M xxx
      Thank You xo xo xo
      – ashton does the band admin stuff – which is great xxxx
      i am sure he has found you xo Big hugs and soon
      i will do the PASSION FEATURE ON YOU 🙂
      i will email you soon xxx maybe after Cha’s Video is up … Like Early December ? if That’s Good for you xx
      will write you this weekend xo


    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!! EASY ! glad you liked it xxx was fun to do 🙂
      Frrrrrrreeeezing cold but fun xx
      I WAS TALKING DIRECTLY to your turtle friend
      no gunshots 😉 lol
      so much constructions in this city – even in the woods ……..<3 Love xo C


  4. Cat/Kit/Cat;

    Regarding the question you have asked me at Pinterest referred to my list of “elite films” I ´ll suggest you a couple of them all like more introspective films, similar to Rouge…

    In fact as I love Kieslowski he has done not only The three colours but many others, including The Decalogue composed by 10 movies of 1 hour each …

    This is a very special group of films… And 4 or 5 of them are outstanding…

    I will send you an invitation to Kieslowski´s dashboard at Pinterest so check it out and accept it….

    The 10 films are there and i have done its reviews here at the blog (the ten movies)….

    Then I´ll tell which one to see… Okay???:

    Of course I can suggest you many others directors and or films but Kieslowski is my favorite….

    Thousand hugs & much love to you Aquileana 😉


    1. ❤ hi
      sorry for the late response !
      wow you are prolific
      i think i got the pinterest invite – but not sure if i clicked YES 🙂 lol
      so much stuff today xo xo xo xo xo ❤


  5. You are absolutely amazing. I’m so amazed by your talent, progress, and relentless pursuit of your dreams. You encourage me to crack open my shell and dig down deep underneath to where my optimism and hope for love lies quivering. Thank you for breathing life into me again with your quirky ways, innocent light, and humorous insight of life’s foliages. 😀



    1. awwww Pink xxx That’s beautiful 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      gotta keep at the stuff you love to do right >?
      Love love love xxxx
      and it’s snowing here -= LOVE IT XO
      hearts and hearts To you xo


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