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Audio Book week = Give away ! Cat Forsley

book Give away :)
book Give away 🙂



So Just Like the quote card I made in my Last Post ……

easy peasy …..

I will pick by Friday the 8th of November 


I will show The quote cards On Monday the 11th 

and they will redirect to the artists sites 🙂

Wishing You a Creative Rest Of the week …..

Cat Forsley

19 thoughts on “Audio Book week = Give away ! Cat Forsley”

  1. There are Vultures flying above the scraps, I changed them into doves. A 1000 white doves circle us and bring the truth closer. The closer the truth the more beautiful the connection. The communication exists on all levels. There are strength in your tears ……. 🙂 Sorry do not know how to do the Quote card x


    1. Hi beauty xxxxx you just place it on a canvas – You know how you do art for the MOGGIES XXXXXXXXX ❤ XXXXXXXXXXX just like that and then add the title of my book and my name xo and then send to me via email -and i will send the audio book to You xo – email xo xo xo Love xo A beautiful day To You xo C xo


    1. already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG 🙂 xxxxx Yeah the contact form just redirects to my email – so That my email is NOT placed on the post x
      🙂 u know how spammy things can get in the comments – PUBLIC EMAIL 🙂 EEEK XXX
      Love to You and Gorgeous Helmut xxxxxxxx
      ❤ C


  2. Hi there…

    Opening the comments ´s scope here cause it is quite private, like few comments here… So bringing on the 404 error, spreading mistakes all around <<< zxczcz <<<

    So I ´ve just seen at Amazon that above the book it says Explicit… What w, w, w, whattt?.. I beg your pardon!… Love poetry is explicit . you tell me if the meaning of the word goes juts in that sense, cause this is absolutely ridiculous…

    Well, here we are then Aquileana 😉 ❤ <3<3


    1. I know right 🙂 LOL XXXX 404040404040440404040 🙂 one bad word …………..:) come on – TOO FUNNY XO XO XO XO ❤ ❤ ❤ my brain is Telling me to 404 = SLEEP XXX i think i crashed your PINTEREST BOARD XO 🙂 XO XO LOL XXXXXXX
      LOVE XO AND SLEEP XO chatt soon
      XX C


  3. Cat/Kit/Cat; I don´t know what it means, love poetry is explicit…( okay)… that´s why I was asking you,…. whatever… 😉

    Well I guess you are off now, but I made you a night night daisy card. I´ve added it at Pinterest and now here too. love u and sleep well, talk soon… Aquileana 😉


    1. That’s SO BEAUTIFUL 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      thank You 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
      ❤ Happy weekend xo xo xo xo ❤
      will see You around maybe …..PINTEREST LATER 🙂 XOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOOX


      1. Happy weekend Cat, ★ ★ ★

        I am SO glad that you liked it…

        Sure!!!… hopefully, we´ll meet at Pinterets (today or tomorrow),

        Much love to you; Aquileana 😉


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