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-Hearts Expire-

So Hearts Expire is UPP ….!!!!!!!

You can hear it here on SoundCloud 

Full Version ….

Our Music is being distributed to all online music stores ..

As You Can see when you click to PLAY .…..

The road to love ......... cat forsley
The road to love ……… cat forsley

This is How I Describe Our song …

“Hearts Expire” is a mix of elemental references (lyrically) , guitars from the heart 
and a bright pop beat . 
Greatly inspired by Space, the gravity of love and all its facets – It explores the perpetual “need” for freedom within the heart and soul .

EnJoy …!

Having so much fun in Music land ……….


Have a wonderful week !

Cat Forsley ..




53 thoughts on “-Hearts Expire-”

  1. Great… ♪♫♪♫♫hearts expire- hearts expire -♪♫♪♫♫

    I love it…

    The lyrics and sparkling blends of the song are so beautiful indeed…

    Talk soon my cool shinning friend; yours,

    Aquileana 😉


    1. Thank You sweet C xxxxxx
      Continuing this Forever and ever xo xo xo
      Big Hugs xx and PS ….
      yeeeeehaw 🙂 xo
      LOVE U


  2. Well done both of you! It’s beautiful C!!! 🙂 Beautiful voice and I love your description: “inspired by Space, the gravity of love and all its facets” Perfect!!!
    xxxxxxxxxx Hugs xxx 🙂


  3. Congratulations – great song! From the lyrics, to the background and then your lovely voice – so nice when it all comes together. Good luck as it hits the circuit.


  4. Oh Cat I love it! I’ve been humming it as I rode around doing errands today and have played it numerous times…Thank you for sharing such a great tune!


  5. I like this so much!
    I think I will be hearing it for awhile for it seems to go
    within and makes me feel as well as hear…
    Beautiful Cat…well done y’all are so good together…
    I whisper MORE Faerie Wishes and Butterfly Kisses for y’all !
    Take Care…You Matter…


    1. awwww That’s beautiful “butterfly kisses ” ……….
      i wish you the very same ::) 🙂
      Yes it’s Going really well 🙂
      back to the studio again and then working a video for This particular song 🙂 xxx
      Much love xx


  6. In love with this song, Cat!!! 🙂
    So catchy!!!! My favorite song by you guys. It kinda reminds me of Angels and Airwaves, the way you sing in the chorus. Like Tom Delonge. I’m such a big fan!!!!!
    Awesoooome. 😀

    Biiig hugs!


    1. Thanks Beautiful Cha xxxx Love You Lots xxx Your paintings are beautiful x so glad you’re back from Vaca xx another single coming soon and the vid to Hearts Expire in the works for VERY soon xxx 200000000000000 ideas – ayayayayayaya and shooting it very soon xxx
      love always xx C


      1. I hope sooo!!! This week is like totally hectic as well as next week weeks up until end Sept… you inspire me to stretch my creative wings too… I really am inspired by your bravery to share your heart to the world… when stars collide… it creates a beautiful explosion of love… 😀


    1. The sweetest thing CHA xx
      You really are xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo 😉 xxxx

      “down by the river ….with the best of friends x” xxx

      Cat xxxxxx !!!!!!!!


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