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Finally Our Video shoot on the 29th- !!!!!!!

So – it’s been a long time coming – between the ever so nutty weather in Toronto , Bronchitis – and just LIFE – …………………..Finally Our shoot for or song When Stars Collide is this Wednesday !

this is the song again – !

and the concepts  for the video – are so very different

than thought of before …………..this video will be shot inside

When Stars Collide – As The City Rumbles underneath – Cat Forsley & Ashton Price

Ashton -my  co/ writer and producer has found an amazing photographer in Toronto –

For our shoot – Her name is Sarah Thompson  – and You can click on her name to see her site ……..

She is Super talented ……

 My Friend and Make UP Artist = Kim Diamond – will be with us – I have been friends with her for Years – It’s Gonna be a really fun day . 

Cat in a Cup ? x
Cat in a Cup ? x
yeah ........happy me :)
yeah ……..happy me 🙂

Ashton and I are writing music at the speed of light

but i do love my cappuccino breaks !

We are also licensing our music – for shows on TV – movies – 

So we will see what Happens with that – all Very Fun …..and Fulfilling 

The Video will be edited by Ashton and his wife –

So It will take a little while for the OFFICIAL video to come out on Youtube ……..

Next week after the video is Said and Done – Yes – Pun very intended !

I am Gonna do another lovely animal post

This time on Doggies ……..

Thanks to the amazing Cat People that contributed so much ………..

Have a brilliant weekend 

and See You Next week …………

Cat Forsley 



51 thoughts on “Finally Our Video shoot on the 29th- !!!!!!!”

  1. And our thanks to YOU Cat for doing such a lovely tribute to cats….we were honored to be included! Good luck with the studio work…..just awesome.

    Hugs, Pam (and of course Sam)


  2. Good luck, Cat! I’m finally going to be able to say I know someone famous! Someone nice, at least…
    By the way, you look very fetching in those pics. You’re a natural beauty.


        1. yeah ? that’s the backyard behind Morph Productions 😉 …………….. It was summer on Tuesday 🙂 lol ……….. Now it’s chilly again ……..;)


              1. We need to take off to a sunnier locale…. Though not necessarily together. (The wife would have my head – and other bits – if I ran off with a hot musician!)


                1. Canada is my home …..i won’t ever leave it – that sounds like a cheezy ad on tv ….lol ……………………..
                  Have a beautiful weekend 😉
                  and i am not good with compliments …….. lol
                  but thank you


  3. Goood Luck – or better all the luck of the world. The song is great, I would like to hear it very,very loud – but sadly my dad is sleeping… to wake sleeping dogs can be awful … and sleeping humans too :o) Have a fabulous weekend


    1. You Too ! Thank You – no don’t wake him up ………lol
      later 😉 xx Have a fab weekend and if you wanna do a Dog post – ask your Dad …..:) lol ……… you can find me on facebook 🙂 best 2 you 🙂


  4. Cat,
    Holy fuck! You’re fucking talented!!!
    Wow. But why am I surprised… right?
    Le Clown


    1. Thanks Le Clown ……….
      I would go into a poetic thank You –
      But it’s a crazy week already – not complaining -:)
      but you know 🙂


  5. You are a STAR Cat – I love this song! You keep having fun taking those “cappuccino breaks” — You’re a beauty inside and out! Love and Hugs to ~ Love, Robyn


  6. Exciting times for you Cat, good to hear you’re back up and running.
    All the best on your new ventures.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂


  7. Cat just wishing you ALL the very Best today as your Video comes out… It will be TOPS I am sure…
    Loved the photos of yourself also.. Looking GOOD!… and its great! that you are so enjoying LIFE! my friend… Sending you one of the Biggest Hugs ever…. ((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) x millions.. LOL.. and Life is good over here too… xox
    Love Sue xox


    1. it went so well sue sue – thank you xxx just got home about 2 hours ago – about to sleep for 10000000000000 hours 🙂 so many hours of shooting 🙂 so much fun xxxxx yes – enjoying life to the max my friend – thanks thanks thanks xxxxx it will take a while to be edited – but the process today was amazing 🙂 a ginormous huggggggggggggg to you toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo xxxxxx and thanks –
      love always and always xxx thanks for the great thoughts = you are beautiful xo C


        1. not too much sleep over here ……..:) lol …………. in a little pain today – TOO MUCH DANCING 🙂 lolololol is that possible ? too much dancing ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!! taking it easy peasy today – gonna do a doggie post tomorrow – thought i could get it all done today – but i need some naps 🙂 like right now 🙂 xxxxx love love love xxx Cxxx


  8. Cat, I LOVE this song…the music, your awesome voice, and I can’t wait to see the video! I’m going to search for your fb page from my LScott Poetry page, too. Oh, and for some silly WP tech reason, I’m not receiving your notifications, so I’m going to follow you again and hopefully, then I will! Love your photos, too, and love “cat in a cup!” Can’t wait for the doggie post, too! Woohoo, so much excitement for you! Wishing you all the best in this endeavor, my friend, and lots of love n hugs! xoxo


    1. hi Lauren xxx haven’t blogged since this post – maybe that’s why xxxx the vid is done and ready to be edited etc …………………………….. the doggie post will go up prob 2 morrow eve ……. first i need a big sleep xxx thanks – it went really well 🙂 be well 🙂 🙂 🙂 ZZZZZZZZZZZ C


  9. Congrats sounds like everything came together magically! Can’t wait to see the video and you look fabulous in plaid! 🙂


    1. thanks sweet k – i love plaid – what a nerd huh – cheap shirt 🙂 like 5 bux 🙂 lol ………………. love it xxx
      Can’t wait to see the vid too
      get better soooooooooon xo


      1. I am a huge fan of plaid. I loved the grunge era. So comfy in flannel shirts. 🙂 Dying to see the video! 🙂


        1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love PLAID everything – bright colours 🙂 happy clothes 🙂 xxx Gonna go view the first “Draft ” of the edited video a bit later xo huggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggs xx C


    1. what are You talking about – YOU MISS NOTHING 🙂 Sweet C xx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i am the one that misses all the posts 🙂 come ON LOL XXXX
      love + kindness and Determination xo Love You = JEDI XO
      i have a giant desire to spend about 3 hours on Pinterest ….LOL ………….
      Later maybe xxx
      Thanks for Your well wishes my sweet
      i make the same for YOU daily xo
      C xx


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