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Treasure It – Cat Forsley –

 My Treasure Box
My Treasure Box

Treasure It

It’s Precious

What If 

I could keep my Favourite








in This Little Box

-well – in Truth – 

-I Can and Do –

All The Beautiful 

-Invisible – Indivisible –


Goes In There Now.

A Box I received 

at Christmas Time 

From My Mom 

Holds so Much beauty 

And absolutely 

No mystery 

A Treasure Box Full of Wonder



Worlds within 




Cat Forsley ©

Jan 11 / 2013

The Chemical Brothers – Swoon

Have a lovely weekend 





49 thoughts on “Treasure It – Cat Forsley –”

            1. lol 🙂 xx no snow – Canadian winters are weird – super weird – from Ottawa to Toronto
              it’s like two different climates …….
              chocolate and yoga it is ……….x


    1. Laughing at myself 😉 with u guys 🙂 i just responded to comments backwards ? lol
      it’s Friday xxx this is why i take the weekend off now 🙂 no cyberspace 🙂 xx lol


    1. That’s sooooooooooooooooo beautiful sue sue xxxx
      poetry poetry poetry xoxoxoxoxoxo = YOU XXXXXXX
      “no Box could Hold all You have to Give ” SUE
      it’s dreamy xxxxxx
      absolutely xoxoxoxo


    1. Hi Valentine – Thank You xxx 🙂 that’s lovely xxx totally doesn’t matter what holds the memories right –
      tiny or huge – you are totally right xxxxx with the purpose xxxxx love xx C


  1. What a gorgeous box! I collect boxes. I like to put little mementos in them so when I open them I flash back to another time in my life. Hugs, Cat!


  2. ►Hi beauty►

    I am already home, actually finished lunch… And now just back to you….

    Hey, why didn´t you tell me that the pictures of your carousel were also linked to older posts… Oh you, i would have been here earlier; Cat !!!

    Treasures, yes we are surrounded by them… Each single day they come across us…

    Saw your poem on dusting off Beethoven too.

    Remarkable piano piece: Blown away meanwhile listening to it… Standing ovation.

    … I guess the comments were closed as i couldn´t sign in that post.
    What a pitty i really wanted to comment there; honey bee…

    Talking about that post & treasures, I love these verses of your poem there

    “A Leaf Falls /A Tiny Bird sings her song/ Flying directly into her nest”/.

    You should write poetry more often… cause you are such a keen & percetive soul…
    Yes Cat my unique one… I treasure your friendship, as I have once said to you… So thanks for that, “golden haired jewel” ★.

    Much love to you;

    Aquileana 😉


    PS: Got you em@il… Great you agreed… Ok, “Pride & Prejudice then”. I will respond to you later …



    1. Hiya xxx
      after a while i close the comments – just because it’s easier to manage my blog or i would be on the computer too much responding and responding
      Instead of Creating xxx
      Yes i love Beethoven – His bust is resting right behind me as i write this ……………..
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Beautiful Music -He was a beautiful passionate Man / Genius that really inspires me – Classically xxx
      Poetry wise xxx = i will be putting out an audio book soon of poetry xxxx and doing mega renovations on this blog 🙂 so all Great stuff ahead xo xo xo xo xo xo
      I didn’t know about the carousel = lol xxx
      i just picked images and TADA – who knew ?
      Not me 🙂
      Thanks for telling me xxx
      First coffee of the morning and i am Going to go and sing in a few hours – one more day of singing and then
      LE WEEKEND –
      OOOOOOH 🙂 XX

      gonna try and chill this weekend –
      because it's getting busier and busier xxxx
      and I need some SLEEP XXXX
      much Much Love
      and a beautiful Friday / weekend to you !
      C xx


  3. ►Sousister Catherine ►

    So funny you are… 🙂
    Really you didn´t know that the carsousel pictures linked to post´s pictures. No way… Well do you now 🙂

    I wish you have started a great week my friend.

    And talking about treasures I am still smiling due to your lovely sunday gift…

    Whaat a great gesture babe, and so far beyond my expectations.

    As I told you I was sure it was going to be an ecard.

    And even more when I was the MP3 icon i thought it was a song…

    So grateful here… once again: Thank you,. You are such an special friend!!!.

    And of course if I ever go to your gorgeous country (not in winter though) I will hang out with you. I´d love that idea! Who knows?…

    Love to you & Many hugs;

    Aquileana 😉


    1. You are so welcome xxx i don’t send songs 🙂
      because i make my living through singing right xx
      But a spoken message = YES
      tiny gestures are big in my heart TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
      gratitude is beautiful = indeed xx it makes more beauty happen xxx
      i believe that xxx
      🙂 🙂
      who knows what The future holds
      but i would say that this current moment is pretty beautiful
      ❤ ❤ ❤
      Enjoy the moment xxxxxxx and have a beautiful day xo xo
      love love love C xxx


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