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A Map – Home – Some Things I love – Cat Forsley-

mirror of love on my wall
mirror of love on my wall
I love stickers On my windows ........:)
I love stickers On my windows ……..:)
Salty wrecked boots -
Salty wrecked boots –
a print of green to inspire me on the greyest of days ....
a print of green to inspire me on the greyest of days ….
Cozy purples - I love purples xx
Cozy purples – I love purples xx
Marc Chagall Blue Circusmy fave painting of his -
Marc Chagall Blue Circus
my fave painting of his –

“Blue Circus ” Marc Chagall Print

The Map that lead be back Cat Forsley ©

The Map That leads me Back – Cat Forsley Jan 9/ 2013

made with sketchbook pro

“These Are a Few of My Favourite Things “

You Know when You feel Like Your HOME is at it’s Coziest – Yes – I like The word Cozy ….

That’s Kinda what I have been feeling like these Days – 

I am Enjoying Toronto more and more lately ……

That’s Why I felt like Making a Map ! 

Cat Forsley ©

2 Posts That really inspired Mine ….

They Both Have The Coziness of Being Home 

and I love Them .

And a Cozy Song – 


I Finally Love This Town – Tired Pony







46 thoughts on “A Map – Home – Some Things I love – Cat Forsley-”

  1. And this was my most favorite post to read today! I wish I could visit — love all these cozy things of yours too…. Really beautiful to share your heart with us dearest Cat ~ Love Love Love -to you! R


    1. Hiya xxxx 🙂 Good morning 🙂 after i posted this – like 1 hour later – there was a power outage – soooooooooooooooooooooo weird – i burned about 10 candles 🙂 all purple xxxxxxx obviously the power is back xxx 🙂
      i’m glad You Liked it RL xxxx
      was super fun to put together –
      xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Love To You and Hubby forever and ever xo


    1. awwwwwww x10000000000000000000000000
      do You Love that song or what 🙂 I do xxxx
      so sweet huh xxx 🙂
      It is Thursday wow 🙂 already – what a fast week xoxoxoxo
      Tons of Love xoxoxo
      c xoxo


    1. Hi B xxx Thank You for inspiring this One – i had the strangest power outage last night – really high winds around here – the building was swaying ! ………..
      You are ? cool xxx
      i will have to come to check it out xxxx
      Loves xo C xxxx
      You totally inspired me with the “order” of things 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo


    1. Good Morning ! yes xxxxxxxxxxx
      it’s all about the Journey right xoxoxoxoxo
      Thanks for the inspiration – on the “HOME ” thing xxxxxxxxxxxx
      Love To You and the boys ——–xxxx
      C xx


    1. I love the word Cozy/ Cosy too ——– 🙂
      it’s an amazing word xxx
      You had a horse 🙂 wow
      I love them 🙂 They are majestic –
      This one – in the pic – He was stunning – and just so Regal –
      I was definitely shy 🙂 lol
      Love to you and Mollie & Alfie 🙂 xxxx
      write me anytime xoxoxo
      Cat xx


  2. Riding horses is fun but do try to go with the horses natural flow or your bottom will definitely feel the pain 🙂 lol Of course my last horse ride was incredibly wicked, my steed ran away with me and I nearly fell off, though as this was down on the beach my landing would have been nice and soft 🙂 Have you ever ridden a horse on early morning sands my great friend? The crispness of the morning and the scent of the ocean is breathtaking 🙂 Have a very nice Thursday Cat and be good, like me 😉 lol

    Andro xxx


    1. Poetic mr Andro 🙂
      I was 8 then – i think –
      yeah i have since – on vacation once – in Cuba
      But i didn’t like the way they treated the horses …. so it didn’t last long

      I am Gonna have a lovely Thursday Thank You 🙂
      No horse riding Today
      But lots of fun and photography and art and ………………..
      yeah – tons of stuff
      🙂 🙂 have a great one 🙂


        1. I think so Toooooooooo 🙂 xxxxx i still love that song
          you’re welcome xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxo
          C u sooony xoxoxoxoxoxo
          code for my saturday night
          YZOS 🙂 XXX = Yoga-zone out sleep – xoxoxo


    1. Good morning 🙂 xxxx 🙂 love stickers in all shapes and forms – i added the snowflake ones before Christmas and I think i will keep Them up 🙂
      makes it kinda difficult to clean the windows 🙂
      but twinkles of Light shine through the colours – so it kinda – ? has the stained glass feel on sunny days 🙂 xo C


  3. I used to ride horses too when I was younger, and I just love your favourite things Cat.. Love also you creation.. Beautiful… Wishing you a wonderful Evening and Great Weekend… Sue xox


    1. Thank You Sue sue xxxxxxx having so much fun with the art thing – totally makes me focus – i put music on and just have fun doing it xxxxxx 🙂
      you rode horses too > xxxxxx
      such majestic animals ……………………
      so enthralled with the beauty of animals 🙂 🙂 🙂
      You have a beautiful weekend as well xxxx
      it’s grey grey grey in Toronto –
      sending You tons of sunshine >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooxxo
      C xx


    1. you were deprived – is that wombie humour ? 🙂
      i didn’t ride that much
      i think that was at the Calgary Stampede ………..
      can’t quite remember 🙂

      Thanks 🙂 i had so much fun making my map 😉
      really loving the digital world of art …………
      and it’s a growing passion now
      🙂 so Thank You


    1. Thank You Wendell 🙂 🙂 Happy Sunday – such a lovely heart you have 🙂
      I see You have some posts i have missed !
      been a nice quiet weekend and i have a ton to catch up on 🙂
      thanks for Visiting 🙂 🙂


  4. Everything look so cool in your home. The first thing I set up when I move are my books. I need to see them all shelved. It just soothes me. 🙂


    1. Thanks k Heart xxxx It’s my space you know that feeling of really cherishing special things in life ——– 🙂 kinda sacred things xxx That mean a ton To me xxx
      Yeah – i can imagine You with the books xxxx a very relaxing feeling to organize the things you adore 🙂 xo


    1. Hiya Art 🙂 How is the Fam ? x 🙂
      i was just about to jump over and read YOU 🙂
      🙂 🙂 i love that word huh …….
      it’s a cozy time in life 🙂 🙂 🙂
      and i plan on making it as cozy as cozy can be 🙂 🙂 🙂


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