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Love’s Desire – Cat Forsley –

love's desire Cat Forsley ©
love’s desire Cat Forsley ©

Love’s Desire

Cat Forsley


The elements moved within 

all at once 

stirring the soul 

To Carry More 

Than it had before 

A View From The Inside Out 

The forever need to belong to myself 

and No one else 



a slow tear 

a drop of red 

from the heart 

Engulfed in One emotion 

The end and the beginning 

all at once 

Sitting at my easel 

barely two 

between the trees 

– Now –

That very same feeling 

of freedom 

-Now –

The Feeling Engulfs

Soar Into Arms 

And Stay 

self sufficiency is tired 

and Motionless 


The Heart 



A Yearning 

Desire: so very basic 

the complexities 

have fallen 


This Present 

Future Feeling 

to Find 

The Only One 

That could have been 

That will always be

That Is .

Dec 1 / 2013 

32 thoughts on “Love’s Desire – Cat Forsley –”

  1. Happy New Year 2013 Cat
    and what a lovely graphic and
    poem that you have added 🙂

    Hey have a lovely Wednesday 😉

    Andro xxx


        1. yeah i did 🙂 thank You 🙂
          i have learned a TON ………. and it’s so much fun
          i could never do portraits or anything like that – but really immersing myself in colour and movement 🙂 it’s super similar in concept to music – Not to be tooooo nerdy Cat –
          But – like Music – Visual art has a ton of math in it …….
          You knew that already though !
          🙂 Thanks 🙂 🙂


  2. Wonderful and lyrical [no wonder!] poem dear Cat!!!
    Once again [and never too much!] happy 2013, full of joy, love, kindness, creativity, light and in good health!
    with all my love,


  3. Digital Painting ~ I LOVE this! One day I will learn 🙂 ~ Your poem so full of life and spirit ~ Feels freeing … and open receptivity and readiness — all over the place.

    It’s going to be a wonderful year for you dear Cat …



    1. How was Your Birthday RL —— sure it rocked 🙂 xoxoxoxooxoxooxoxoox
      you read my words sooooooooooo very clearly xxxxxxxx :
      Love Love Love xxxxx
      It already is a wonderful Year xxx Muah xxxx
      C xx


  4. Beautiful Words spoked from the Heart Cat, and your image depicts the hearts tear… as one begins to let go of all that was as we become all that we are… Just Being in our Hearts … I pray more will find their hearts Centre this year Cat..
    Love and Blessings my lovely friend
    Sue xox


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