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May Love Cat Forsley ©

So what happens when you tell Yourself You’re not going to write until the new year …..

Well , with me – “what i resist persists ” – it always does …. Carl Jung was right !

I woke Up with a heart about to burst with words and images and music …..

A Poem Today – Just a Tiny Poem – from my heart .

May Love Cat Forsley ©

This song has been in my heart for a long time now ….

It’s Really Beautiful, gentle and peaceful .

Enjoy ….

The Reunion – OST from A.I.

 John Williams

Wishing You a Merry Christmas …………..

May love surround You always ….

Cat Forsley .

36 thoughts on “May Love Cat Forsley ©”

  1. This is really lovely Cat
    just like you my wickedly
    happy and sweet young
    friend 🙂 🙂

    Happy Christmas Cat 🙂

    I have just been watching
    one of your video’s, actually
    I was thinking of adding it
    on my Space if I can 🙂 🙂

    Andro xxx


  2. Just adore this piece Cat ~ feel each and every word and the vibration with which they were penned ~ (or clicked) ~ May your year ahead be filled with wonder love light and JOY ~ The Beautiful depth of spirit that you have will always be your power. The world is lucky to have you ~ xxxooo RL


    1. Awwww xxx RL xx thank You xo
      i wrote it first – long hand – 🙂
      the old fashioned way – which i had been missing sooo much – then to computer xxx
      Huge Love to You xxx
      May Your New Year be Joyous and Full On Love xoxoxo


  3. And so true about Dr. Jung ~ he was so brilliant that way — What we resist does persist… Open and receptive and say yes to it all my friend ~ (except icky joints 🙂 ) Love YOU~


  4. Thank you. I soooo needed this right now. I felt fairly rejected by someone I had a long standing crush with for years, and well, I figured this is it for me. That elusive Love Dept. But now I realize that even if it only exists in my dreams, it is a life worth living. Especially when there are angels like you to remind of the most important love of all, the kindness to ourselves and each other. Thank you so much. Awesome song. So peaceful… thank youuu.. Hugs… LOVE the pink.. LOVE! I have almost all shades except that one as a scarf… hugs.. I am soo blessed God granted me the pearl of your heart in my life. I’m less crushed, and more blessed. Thank youuuu


        1. Lots of Love Pink ……..
          tons of iT YOUR WAY XXX
          be back on sat or sun xxx
          I saw your posts and have kept them in a special folder –
          so i can catch up on what’s going on with You when I get back
          Love Love Love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


          1. Wooo! Special folder! I feel so, ethereal! Have a lovely holiday! And thank you for saving a bit of your time for me! I’m hoping to do the same in the new year, free up my time for what really matters, 😀 you and everyone! 😀


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