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Tiny Little Bunny Love – Cat Forsley ©

Bunny Love Cat forsley ©

Yeah – I know second post for the day – making up for lost time > not sure 

when i go vintage shopping – and i love to ,,,,,,

I find the strangest little things and then i keep them sooo precious ….

i Guess like a kid would …

I found this tiny bunny 

and he is so cute and sitting by  my computer ……

fascinated by white bunnies ……

I have no idea why ….

I love The Expression 

“sombebunny loves you ” …..

always have …….

I named him – His name is …..Gabriel …..

not sure why either …….!!!!!!

I just Love that name …….

That’s It for me This week ……..

Tons and Tons of good stuff on my Mind …..

Have a gorgeous weekend ………

Enjoy ! 






27 thoughts on “Tiny Little Bunny Love – Cat Forsley ©”

    1. Thanks sweet heart – yes i bet it’s totally aquarian 🙂 xxx
      smiles xxx tiny little things right 🙂 xxx
      Je t’aime
      merci pour la musique xxxxxxxx
      i’ve had this tattoo for 4 years i think xxx
      all love 🙂 xxx


    1. You Too Lovely Marina xxx
      🙂 xx
      I thought i didn’t have any more to write ……..
      until i woke up this morning and Eureka 🙂 lol
      i have to write more later xxx
      LOVE XO


  1. That Phrase is a first for me too Cat.. Somebunnies love you…That is one cute little bunny!… I have little treasures around my home similar to this, when my children were small they would buy me little gifts from the bring and buy stalls at school.. Lol..
    Wishing you a Great Weekend Cat… And this bunny loves you too 🙂
    Hugsxxxxxx Sue


  2. So you are a lover of white bunnies are you 🙂
    well I certainly like this posting Cat and I hope
    that you are getting ready for a lovely start to
    your weekend 🙂 Have a bunch of chocolates
    and pancakes on me, well on a plate then 🙂 lol

    Have lots of wicked fun my great friend 🙂

    Andro xxx aka The other Bunny 😉 lol


    1. Ohhhhh yeah = Funny Bunny = You 🙂 🙂 🙂
      i am thank you 🙂 x
      yes love white bunnies —————————–:) precious ……
      have a great weekend tooooo 🙂


      1. I will certainly try to 😉 🙂

        Watch out for goofy bunnies
        remember it’s nearly Halloween 🙂

        Andro xxx


        1. seriously right – 4 days until ………….
          🙂 🙂
          i am gonna be the blue fairy …………..
          i think – not sure yet ……….. 🙂
          have a great day 🙂
          i am gonna go do a little shopping – it’s soooo grey here and see what i can find for a costume ………..
          some wings for sure – the rest – i dunno 🙂
          Enjoy 🙂


  3. When I’m shopping somethings just call to me and have to come home with me. 😉 The bunny is so cute and i love you tattoo too!


    1. Thanks Sweet K xxx
      yeah it’s always the tiny things –
      Today i found some tiny tea cups and a costume for Halloween and a really great bag – all under 30 bux 🙂
      i love it 🙂
      Have a good saturday Night xoxoxoxoxoxo


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