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This Beautiful Fog & Clarity – Cat Forsley ©

Beautiful fog Cat Forsley ©
This beautifullllllll fog – Cat Forsley ©

I woke Up This Morning to this beautiful Fog ……… I take a ton of pictures now – I never know what I Might see….

Walking Outside In this Lovely Fog – My mind immediately moves To Thoughts of Pure clarity .

Clarity of Will and Intention 

Beauty and Love 

Passion and Purpose 

I Never walk with an ipod or anything anymore 

I like To Observe everything around me 

I carry music within me 

The Notes are already there 

I bring Them Home 

and They make a movie in my mind .

The Movies Translate Themselves into my daily life ….

I dream of making actual movies these Days 

I dream of making meditation music 

But Mostly I dream of Love 

In a Place of self Reliance – so Real – so peaceful – so harmonious .

I think ….

How Love translates itself into  Human capacity 

How Love Hides itself – Only if You allow it to 

How some Hide from Love 

When in all actuality – It is in essence :whom we are .

How Love Manifests itself 

In every Nanosecond I’m alive 

Wake Up and see through the fog 

All The Beautiful secrets to Clarity …

Cat Forsley ©

of course a song 

one of my faves ….

Peter Gabriel – Secret World (HD)

Cormac McCarthy

“I tried to put things in perspective but sometimes you’re just too close to it.”
― Cormac McCarthyNo Country for Old Men

32 thoughts on “This Beautiful Fog & Clarity – Cat Forsley ©”

  1. It’s been a foggy few days, especially late on in the evening or early morning! 🙂

    Now it’s getting colder, so we’re expecting snow this weekend… 😦

    Love and hugs!



  2. That’s so beautiful Cat! You are so right not carrying anything with you.
    We make that mistake so often ..taking pictures, writing etc with the intention of looking them up later and actually miss the experience itself! [sometimes don’t even have time to go back and see!]
    BTW I can imagine you writing wonderful meditation music!!!


    1. Love To You Marina Beauty xxx
      Nature is really inspiring me these days – double rainbows – everything – the tiniest thing – a leaf ……
      🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s all so beautifullllll xxxx
      Love Love Love xxxx
      Cat xx


  3. There’s something mystical about fog. Like a veil over reality. A dulling of the senses. I like walking in it, sound seems to be crystalised, clearer somehow. 🙂


    1. “clearer somehow ” ……… so true ……..
      for me this morning it was a heightening of the senses …. it’s hard to explain !
      but the word “crystallized” – yeah that’s what it felt like …. 🙂


  4. I love fog too. It seems full of mystery and possibilities. When I was in Venice last year we had one super foggy day and the rest were sunny. I’m so glad we had the foggy day.


  5. “Fast Fog” sounds like a title of a song about infatuation!
    xo reversecommuter
    ps meant to tell you (although I am sure you won’t be surprised to learn) my grandmother was my fashion inspiration!


    1. It’s the Truth Mister ……
      i watched “immortal Beloved ” again last night for like the 5oth time in my life 🙂
      Loved it ———
      inspired me further –
      everything is inspiring
      everything is Love xxx


  6. I’m not sure I can add any original praise here…these commentators are beyond the beyond…but I want to let you know your words convey a fullness of Spirit that touches my soul…the photos are beautiful, but the words,,,priceless…thank you.

    Be encouraged!


  7. I went for a walk on the trails in the fog this morning. The muted fall colors and dampness in the air was quite unique.


  8. great pics cat !! these images of observations that you pull in eventually lead to reel to reel displays. everything stored to the reel and then the process begins – you run it through the system – mind and voila a movie of life emerges. this line “how some hide from love” though a natural as it should be, but if the high is experienced too quickly, it becomes fragile and can turn one into a fool and you from it because it’s sacredness has become desecrated. the only way to return to it is to start channeling it in any form one can. love is worth it, and i’d say love wins when it matures:)


    1. That’s quite a brilliant response Don ……………
      “when it matures ……. ”
      as opposed to that as – “becomes fragile and can turn one into a fool ……” i see the fool as the ever hopeful romantic heart – open heart – that has no fear of being broken or crushed or whatever ……
      But you did get me thinking about “Mature love ”
      and what that means to me …..
      Thanks 🙂


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