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Sunset Heaven , Double Rainbow and a Blissful weekend Ahead – Cat Forsley ©

What a week ! Woohoo !

Hope Yours has been Great Too ….

Last Night – Whilst in my kitchen 

attempting to cook dinner ……

I felt my heart – Beating a bit faster than usual 

I always listen To My heart …

It is indeed My Guide in all Things …

I stopped what I was doing and Felt I needed To Turn around …….

Pure Bedazzlement – This is what I saw ! 

The most beautiful Sunset I have ever seen …….

I grabbed my camera ! and went out on my balcony …..

Sunset Heaven Cat Forsley ©

It Blew Me away – I was In Awe 

Then i Turned To My Right and saw This – 

I took Many pictures – as I had never seen anything so beautiful …..


and this


And This ….

Double rainbow – Cat Forsley ©

I kept taking Pictures – Feeling Like a Child = in absolute wonderment .

Sunset Like heaven ! Cat Forsley ©

I was Blown away-

I kind of still AM !

I had been thinking of Rainbows all week .

And of Course:  PINK CLOUDS 

Which i so often write about – in music and prose ….

What a Night full of Grace …….

After my Yoga was done 

And My Music 

was written for the day 

I encountered some of the most enchanting Beauty I had ever seen …..

In The sky – all around 

What I think about 

Shows Itself  to me ……

So i keep my Thoughts On Love 

For there is Nothing else but Love 

And Nature – And Beauty and all Things Astoundingly Heart Moving ….

One of my Favourite Quotes …..

“What we are looking for is what is looking.”

 St. Francis of Assisi 

I love Love Love This Quote ……….

Think what You Love 

Do What You Love 

Be what You Love 

and It’s all There – shown To You ……….

Wishing You a Beyoutifull Weekend – 


See You On Monday …..

Cat Forsley 




and of course – one of the most beautiful songs ever written 

Louis Armstrong What a wonderful world

54 thoughts on “Sunset Heaven , Double Rainbow and a Blissful weekend Ahead – Cat Forsley ©”

  1. CAT What a Wonderful World it is indeed…. and your love of loving it… makes the world even more beautiful to have you in it to appreciate it all….. Beautiful captures of colour … The World is such a beautiful place when we view it from our hearts… Love to you and have a beautiful weekend.
    Sue xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    1. awwwwwww Sue Sue xxxx I am still in absolutely awe mode …….You write the most beautiful Things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 what a night ! what a morning 🙂 what a beautiful world = YES 🙂 XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
      Love x 100000000000


  2. Cat those shot are stunning..some of the best of natures tricks and illusions..that rainbow is inspiring me to write..i have to.its so pretty and full of magical stories…
    Lovely share Cat…
    Wish you a beautiful weekend Sweet Diva 🙂


    1. Soma !!!!!!!!!!Hi sweeteheart xxxx

      Nature is so astounding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      glad you’re inspired 🙂
      i sure am xxx
      🙂 🙂 🙂 sending You and Fam – all great thoughts !
      Love Love Love 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  3. Just simply fabulous. The sky is so incredible. And pink clouds just rock. Fabbo song, Cat! Have the most amazing weekend, mon Chat Doux ❤ You are such a sunray! If I found the pot at the end of the rainbow, I am certain you would be in it ❤


  4. WOWWWW!!! Awesome amazing images– yes always listen to YOUR HEART… look what secrets it has to tell you here! You are a love Cat — have a great wonderful weekend…I will now enjoy this amazing tune you’ve shared… xo


  5. What a gorgeous sunset you got to witness, Cat!…such a blessing, my friend!
    The world is a beautiful place and even more beautiful because your in it.
    Love you, Pumkin! ♥ xoxo


  6. Wow this is beautiful Cat
    I do hope that your weekend
    is going to be awesome 🙂 😉

    Love the Sunset… Hey you’re
    such a sweetie you are 🙂 Have
    lots of wicked fun now or else? 😉

    Andro xxx


    1. Having a Lovely weekend Andro 🙂
      really peaceful – calm and lovely –
      lots of yoga – Autumn walks and music 🙂
      Hope You are Having a Great one 🙂
      Cat xx


  7. Nature puts on such an incredible show, but we’re often too preoccupied to notice it. It’s nice to be able to appreciate what’s around us.


  8. WOW, WOW

    The Great painter was busy that evening (no those colours can’t be real some will say!) – but how many do look up and “SEE” his work?

    Keep looking for there is beauty all around us—all those Fall leaves………………………..



  9. Thanks Cat, this is so … just everything …I can imagine your feelings … in that moment! Love and glory, beauty and happiness … huge doses in the moment! Yes thank you for sharing this. Penny xoxoxoxo


    Don’t forget to help yourself to all of
    the chocolates, fudge cakes, Wombie
    wine gums, spambo wambo burgers
    a really big creamy Choco milkshake
    and all the cup cakes that you can eat
    in one sitting, noooooo the party is 24
    hours so enjoy it and be wicked too 😉

    Andro xxx


    1. Hey Andro ! Good morning – it’s wombat day – OH YEAH – i will be over to WOMBANIA later this aft ….for The Partayyyyyyyyy – promise 🙂
      🙂 🙂 🙂
      Have a Great Day 🙂
      C x


  11. great pics cat. that first one was absolutely my favorite. certainly looks like your weekend was a wonderful one. i did a few readings over the weekend. eventually through the poets hall there will be a couple youtube vids going up. once up, i’ll post them. have a great day today:))


    1. yeah it was a Great weekend Thank You 🙂
      a little vintage shopping – a lot of Yoga – a Little Music ………
      sounds like yours was awesome Too 🙂
      Good for you with the readings – 🙂 🙂 🙂
      That’s Great ,,,,,,
      Have a lovely Day 🙂


    1. neither have i 🙂 much better to stare at a sunset than attempting to cook 🙂 lol
      it was so cool because i thought it was just my camera or something – but other people saw it too – i guess it was just perfect timing 🙂 xx
      Thank You K xxx


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