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When Your dreams become Your Waking thoughts Cat Forsley ©

when your dreams become your waking thoughts- what do you do ?

when You keep following your heart and everything starts falling into place – what do you do ?

when you have tuned out all the Harsh and all that is left is HEARTwhat do you do ?

when the jigsaw puzzle fits – what do you do ?

when PASSION leads the way to more and more happiness – what do you do ?

I have been in music forever .

absolutely forever .

I have been in the studio many a time

and the work / the music never really went anywhere .

Why ?

well – a ton of reasons

but the main one is ……..


had ………..past tense 

So i have asked myself all these questions …..

what Do you do now Cat ?


Slowly and very wonderfully

the questions were answered ………

One by one ….

As Happiness in all realms of my life have surfaced with perfect Glow ……..

It’s time for me to get into a studio again …..

a Real one 

Not Just my apartment !

With this new found happiness I have ……..

And a pure passion for music which is undeniable

I made a little decision to get myself into the studio

with an engineer / producer to help out .

I have not found the studio yet

But I will .

Because when a dream becomes your waking thoughts 

You follow

I follow – My heart .

I always do ……

I see it happening before the end of 2012 ……

It’s been the best year of my life thus far 

and it keeps getting better …..

Uber Happy Cat

Saying Follow your own heart 

No one else’s

Just Yours ……

So Yes ……

More music 

More passion 

Just More !!!!!!!!!

I am Going on a little break on Wednesday ..

a tiny vacation

and when i come back

The Passion search for the studio in my heart will begin ….

who knows ? It may not even be in Canada ……!

Have a Lovely Lovely week ahead 

and follow Your bliss …….

All love 


Cat Forsley 

“Making a decision was only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”
Paulo Coelho

78 thoughts on “When Your dreams become Your Waking thoughts Cat Forsley ©”

  1. … and when you follow your heart truly and your dream,
    things start falling into place effortlessly!
    I wish you all the best, Cat
    from my heart!


  2. No one is going to follow your dreams for you, or as good as you….so do it, to it, my friend! I send you positive thoughts and my prayers will always be with you.
    Wherever you are going, I hope you have a wonderful time! Love and hugs xx


    1. awww Thanks Deb
      i am just going to Ottawa for a little while …..
      have not been there since Christmas ,…….

      and yeah you are totally right ……
      no one can do it for you
      you have to make it happen ….
      and i will xoxoxoxo
      love and a thousand hugs xo


  3. I have so much faith in you, Cat! You have everything you need to succeed. And as you said, all you need is the passion, and you have it 😊 u just gotta hang on to it, and keep it burning! 😊 excellent post!


  4. I know you can and Have already achieved your Dream… You are already Going Platinum 😀 😀 😀 xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox
    Enjoy your vacation.. Lots of Lots of Love. ~Sue xxxxxxxx


    1. Awww Sue Sue ….
      no platinum needed ,,,,,,:)
      Just the process of making awesome music in a great studio …..:)
      u know what i mean
      u know me sooooo well 🙂 hello insight lady xx
      i love writing and recording at home …….
      but there is so much to be captured – sound wise in a real studio xoxoxoxoxo
      love you always xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  5. YES Sweet Cat…. you follow your bliss – and it will all unfold exactly as it’s supposed to. I am rooting for you and know you have rainbows and sparkling bubbles all around you now — they will light the path to the most magical future ~ enjoy every minute of the journey my friend xxoo


    1. RL
      That’s so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thank You Sweetheart xo
      Bliss is a beautiful word ,,,,, concept – place
      to be in xo
      it lives inside the heart xo
      You live there too 🙂
      i feel it xo
      I can’t wait to start the search for the studio ….
      It’s gonna be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn xo
      much love always xoxoxoxo


  6. 🙂 🙂 🙂 So happy for you, Cat!
    What a great decision to make. Le studio… ça doit être génial. C’est vraiment l’aboutissement de la recherche, de toutes ces idées rassemblées tout au long de l’année voire plus! Wow. Can’t wait!

    So, where are you now, Cat? Hope you’re having fun!


    1. merci CHA CHA …… love you so xoxoxoxoxo
      je me suis réveillé avec cette passion, ce matin, et ça ne va pas loin … xo
      ça a été une merveilleuse année à ce jour et ça va mieux quotidien ….

      i am still in Toronto sweet Cha
      going to Ottwa on wednesay to see my family 🙂

      I can’t wait either to record ….xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
      for real …… xoxoxo
      je t’aime xo


    1. I will 🙂 🙂 🙂
      It’s a totally exhilarating feeling now…..
      from dusk til dawn
      and even when i am sleeping !!!!!!!!! it’s the passion that drives my heart xoxoxo


  7. Have a great vacation, Cat! Hopefully no melting there.

    And when you get back I’m sure you’ll find the studio and opportunity you’re looking for.
    (You had a lack of passion? That’s hard to believe!)


    1. Thanks Binky my cartoon buddy xo
      Ottawa will be melty too
      i am sure of it …..
      I plan on being outdoors a ton
      Going to Montreal for a baby shower: my cousins and
      exploring parts of Quebec i did a looong time ago …..

      it’s gonna be fun 🙂

      Yes i had lack of passion
      it’s all very cool to write and record at home and stuff

      But when i am in a real studio again
      the last time – was a long while ago

      no part of me is gonna be held back ………:)
      I won’t let myself hold me back ….:)

      It’s the process of creating with real equipment and space
      that is the most exciting to me .

      so yeah long response …i know 🙂

      so Thanks Binky ………..
      and lots of love TO WOMBANIA ……………..

      Your ideas are great……
      your characters are amazing
      and yeah …. well 🙂
      you have a really good thing going ….

      Lots of love


      1. Well hopefully you’ll have AC there.

        Ottawa and Montreal should be a lot of fun. So much there to do, and a nice change is always good too. Great for inspiration, too.

        If you can get all of that no-holds-bar-Cat down on a track or two, that will be a winner, I’m sure. And something to look forward to. For you and us!

        Go Cat, go!


        1. Binky That’s sweet Thank You 🙂
          there is AC everywhere but here ! LOL ……!!!!!!!!!
          Looking forward to leaving toronto
          but also looking forward to coming back

          The best inspiration comes when I am not thinking about anything ………
          i plan on doing a lot of Non thinking 🙂 lol

          Thanks so much my friend
          and i will see you guys in WOMBANIA
          the land of cartoon fun!!!!
          in about a week xo
          Take care xx


  8. Sooo amazing! Your love lifts me past uber embarrassing moments like today with a subway cop giving me a jaywalking ticket. HAHAHAHA. I handled it with grace and compliance. Thanks to your love! Thank you for being my wings of grace… 😀



    1. stop it ……or i will send you another MUMU !!!!!! lol

      I have noooooooo wings ………
      none …..
      You always have grace
      your new post is BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLL X 10000000000000



          just be you my sweet xoxoxoxoxo
          me happy you happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Gonna watch everything when i come back
          leaving in a couple of hours
          just be yourself honey…..
          love you
          will miss you
          and just BE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          who cares what anyone else thinks 🙂 xx


  9. OH Cat I am so excited for you! Good for you, carrying out your dream. I began my journey with writing last year and my motivation and dreams carry me through even the hardest days! Keep us posted on the studio details and have a great vacation too xxx


    1. CB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s so sweet thank you 🙂
      I will for sure ….. 1000%
      I love to hear about that motivational spirit you have 🙂
      you are so right – rain or shine …….
      tough days – easy days
      it never goes away ……….
      Thanks beauty CB
      CF xo


    1. Thanks Prenin ……
      when you wake up at your dreams are part of your thoughts ,,,,, then – yes i follow all of them 🙂
      yes looking forward to leaving toronto for a bit xx
      love and hugs to u xoxoxo


  10. Awww, Cat….I am so excited for you!!!!!!! You and I are on the same page it seems….You go girl….follow those dreams into your waking life and make it happen! I love your attitude and your vision….indeed combined with that gorgeous heart of yours, you will accomplish GREAT things…..always cheering for you, hon…..
    love and big bear hugs


    1. Thanks Honey ,…..
      yes we are on the same page for sure ……..
      just different mediums right xoxoxooxoxo ? x

      Ohhhhh yes – it’s only the beginning of everything 🙂 and same for you right ? xx
      It’s Freedom with a capital P …lol


  11. Cat,
    I’m commenting only to increase the male ratio in your commenters. Job done.
    Le Clown


      Le Clown ……
      seriously ……. Too Funny ……………….
      I don’t care if they are a boy or girl ? 🙂 lol
      You are like the fun big brother i never had …..
      so thank you 🙂
      lol …..
      Le Cat ????
      Le Chat ……

      Cat xo


  12. at the risk of sounding like, ‘I told you so’…. but… I told you so!!!!!
    when I first heard your voice and passion I knew the whole world would fall in love with the sound that your heart beats… you go girl….like the rose… you have to wait to bloom, you can not force it to open, allow the time and a beautiful flower will unfold… your unfolding….. (~_~) so, that means right now your a bud… good like my bud …



    1. ART !!!!!!!!! You did tell me sooooo xo
      I know you did …..
      I should listen more ….. right ?
      Love you my friend – always have your family in my thoughts – always – You are an amazing friend
      leaving this morning for a nice little break from this city ………..

      when i come back …… the search is on 🙂
      I will see you soon and keep writing YOUR beautiful stories
      Those are the ones that move the most = YOURS …..
      Take really good care ok !!!!!!!!
      and Give ALAN my best …….

      Love you always xx
      Cat xo


  13. What a fabulous decision! I am so excited for you 🙂 You are going to do wonderfully! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Much much MUCH love <3<3<3 Red. xxx


    1. Thank you sweet Red ,,,,,, xo

      You are an awesome encouraging lady ……. everybody knows it 🙂 xx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I will see you in a week – ! keep up those awesome posts …….. How could you ever stop right ? xo
      Huggggggggggggggggggggs xx


    1. YESSSSS
      HERE IS TO PASSION fulllllllllll Onnnnnnnnnnnnn 🙂
      Thanks so much
      xx i am really looking forward to recording in a real studio – you have no idea !!!!!!

      and also looking forward to taking my little summer break 🙂
      starting right now xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxo
      Have a great week C u soon xo
      Cat xx


    1. Thanks Don 🙂
      Onward always right 🙂
      I just got home and at the beginning of the week
      i will start my search for a studio to record in 🙂
      Have a great weekend 🙂


    1. Hi sweet Cha xx
      Missed You xo
      Thanks for the song 🙂
      Hope all is wonderful in France – Thought of you last night – watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics – Thought i saw a French athlete that looks like You xoxoxoo
      bisous xoxoxo


      1. Hi Cat.
        Well it’s been a hard week for me. I went to my grandfather’s funeral. He passed away less than a week ago. So… it’s hard to say goodbye.

        I didn’t watch the ceremonies for the Olympics. And it wasn’t me! 😉 I’m kinda curvy like a JLo or a Beyoncé. Athlete’s body = NO… Impossible 😉 I hate sports.

        BIG HUGS, Sweetheart


        1. OMG i was just writing on your site …..x

          I am so sorry for your loss Cha …:(
          my heart goes out to you xx
          I am here for you my sweet …….

          big time ………

          i am not a big sports nut but i thought i saw a face – that reminded me of yours ……..
          if i see her again – i think she does BMX biking ….?
          i forget…..
          i send you all my heart and rest my friend ………..
          Much love to all your family ……


  14. Love that you found the root of the issue: lack of passion and are no longer in that place. Have a wonderful vacation!


    1. Hey K 🙂
      Thanks- i did 🙂
      It was nice to be out of Toronto and have a quieter atmosphere and be with my family ………
      Funny – i listened to NO MUSIC !!!!!!!!!
      I read a ton – swam like a fish – and just relaxed …..
      Hope your week was great xo


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    Thanks again!
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    1. Thanks !
      I read a ton of blogs – been taking it a little easier these days –
      i am not much into tag stuff …..! but thank you very much anyways 🙂
      Cat 🙂


  16. You are in my prayers… Go for it Cat. You have the gift! I haven’t forgotten my request and once I’m feeling much better, I’ll follow up. TY! 🙂


    1. Much Love to You ,,,,,,,,,
      Feel better soon ………………………
      Hope all is okay ?
      you have my emails –
      you are in my thoughts and prayers – TY
      and tons of blessings and love your Way ……


  17. I’m late, Cat, but I’m glad you had a wonderful vacation and I love this post, very passionate, beautiful and inspirational to continue following our bliss! Love and hugs, Lauren xoxo


    1. What do you mean you are late ??> xoxoxoxoxoxoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      there is no schedule here !!!!!!!!!!!! xo
      Nice To see you Lauren and YES TO BLISS + HAPPINESS XO
      Thank You xo
      love and hugs right back at You xoxo


      1. Well, I’m so behind on reading and only occasionally posting; time just hasn’t been what it used to be…so I feel bad missing so many wonderful posts..but, thanks, Cat, for being understanding and as sweet as you are! Have a wonderful Sunday, too! xoxxo


        1. Same with me right !
          I took a vacation and then slowly got back into it ……xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxo You are sweet Lauren …… i always wish you all the very best in life


    1. No you are definitely not in my spam !!!!!!! 🙂
      haven’t had to get you out once !!!!!! 🙂 xx
      You can always write me on email ….:)
      Much love xx


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