Bringing on Spring

My beautiful friend from France painted my Chihuahua yesterday- OMG – I just Love her sketches – Cha has a heart of Gold. ย Here he is!ย 

And You can Visit her on Her Facebook page and her websiteย ย For More.ย 

I made her something – because (kindness is like a boomerang) It travels …..

This is from a Photo I took last summer ย – Art wise – this is my favourite thing these days: Turning Photos into paintings.ย 

L'amour en rose Pour Cha  Cat Forsley ยฉ
L’amour en rose Pour Cha
Cat Forsley ยฉ

Love in Pink .

Enjoy Cha cha and Thank You- Big Hugs.

I am Mostly on my other site these days- beauty blogging is FUNNN


and doing some modelingย 

So Yes – Spring is mega in the air – No flip flops Yetย 

(ha) But everything has melted and spring skies are so very beautiful.

All Love xo

Cat Forsley