A Little Too Excited – A bit too Early ? by Cat Forsley Β©

Happiness Cat Forsley Β©

In February – For My Birthday – My sister Caroline –

Got us Tickets for Snow Patrol – at Massey Hall on the 18th of April .

I am already excited ! Β Too soon to be excited about a show ? Maybe … Maybe Not !

Right now – They are my favourite band – always pulled to UK music .

Not sure why ….

Maybe it’ s the lyrical content

Maybe it’s the beautiful chord progressions

Maybe it’s Just The Feel of their music .

I tend to get excited for things early

That’s a definite pattern in my life .

Not sure why ?

Maybe i am just super passionate about what i Love

or Maybe i just have too much energy !

Who Knows .

I don’t really care for “Reason” anymore .

I lived in Reason World up until the beginning of this year – 2012 .

Then Reason World melted itself down to a little Puddle of nothingness.

And in turn That little Puddle

Grew and Flourished into Impassioned World .

Now it’s Just Passion for what i love doing

No analyzing

No Research

No Heaviness of Heart or Spirit

Light as Air

Free As Love

Exuberance seems endless .

So….. Yes I was writing about Snow Patrol

and That show, My sister and I are going to

OH yes ……

I guess what i am trying to say

is that when You are Happy

And i have seen tons and tons of people Happy these days

In their writing – in their voices . Face to Face

Happiness Β jumps off the page ….

And You can See Happiness and Β translucency in eyes

Nature Flourishing – Spring is here

People don’t seem to be staring at their phones as much .

I have been noticing that in Toronto

That When Spring comes

People Look around – more .

Seemingly less distracted by the banality

and Trivial Stuff

and More engaged in

A kind of Waking up their senses ……

So Goodbye Winter – You were fun – in an insular way …

Hello Spring

You are Here To Stay .

Cat Forsley Β©


!!!!!!!!!!! EVER …..

SNOW PATROL Β – “Set Down Your Glass”